The Notebook

My notebook.  I have always had a notebook, and it became more important when I got to varsity.  The habit stuck and I have a notebook always.  I just use them until they are finished and get a new one.
These notebooks of mine are precious to me.  It has everything in it.  Sketches, ideas, notes, appointments, meeting notes, phone numbers, lists, instructions, recipes…absolutely everything is in there.
When I was writing my dissertation, someone stole my handbag out of the library.  I was devastated.  My notebook was gone, and it had everything in it, all my dissertation notes.  I never found it.  I never quite got over it.
Now I have lost my notebook again.  I feel bereft.  I have decided to use a boring old diary, I received free.  I am not sure why I get so attached to those notebooks of mine, but I feel sad and lost when I lose it.
No more notebooks for me. It is too hard to lose them 🙂

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  1. I get you! But I would get a nice, new one anyway. What kind of notebooks are your favourite? Spiral-bound, normal bound, lined, unlined? Soft cover/ hardcover?

    (I ask because I love notebooks too!)

    • Wire spiral bound…wide enough for the pen to fit in the spiral. Unlined white sheets and a soft cover. I get them made here at one of those binding, printing places.

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