As I start the day…

So this year I have decided to try to be calmer and just take it as it comes.  Most people seem to think I never stress, which is far from true.  I learned to turn off when the work day is ended and to sleep.  Learn a trick to turn your mind away from worrying thoughts in the middle of the night.

I am not sleeping so well without Honeybear in our bed.  I know it sounds mad, but I do worry about my baby and find myself walking to his room to check up on him.

I love reading bedtime stories as much as Honeybear loves listening to them.  This Christmas we did not do the advent calendar,  instead we read a new Christmas story or poem every night.  Now we are onto Roald Dahl (I love Roald Dahl).  I need to find bedtime books I can read and be interested in too.  Poems are brilliant, Shakespeare’s sonnets are a hit.  Wordsworth too.

Today is the first day of holiday care.  Hubby is dropping him off at school today.  I hope it goes well.  I made Hubby promise to call me as soon as drop of is done.  My little sensitive one…I know he will be fine, but I just cannot help but worry for his tender heart.

Work is in full swing, and I know it will get busier next week when everyone else is back.

Big school has too many activities.  I already have a host of items I need to pay attention to in my calendar, and he has not even started school yet! Good thing the school communicator makes it easier to track.  I fear to be one of those Mom’s who forgot.  (Last year I forgot to buy concert tickets. Lucky the school knew that I made a mistake and reminded me the day before.)

My in laws seem to have lost it.  Poor hubby.  I know he is worried for them, but not much we can do.  In their seventies, a lifetime of being together, and they have now decided they just cannot do it anymore.

My random thoughts, in no particular order.  Have a great day. 


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  1. Good luck for the year. I also sometimes feel like I need to be with my boy but I am definitely more comfortable in my own bed.

  2. Good approach to take for the year not letting things get to you.
    I hear u on all the school activities……I keep so many diaries so I don’t forget anything.I even use a old fashioned hand written diary and I pop the school letters into it for the appropriate days.Helps with the last 2 at different schools still.

    • I also started an old fashioned hand diary this year too. I lost my notebook. My notebook has everything in it, everything, notes and lists and sketches and information and just everything.

      • Ai I would be lost without my diary.Mine stays out in the kitchen and everyone knows to add appts,meetings to it.Kids even know to put school letters under the correct date.

  3. I hear you on checking in on HB. Liam has always been in his own bed, but that doesn’t stop me from checking in on him all the time during the night. I only just recently got rid of his baby monitor.
    I love Roald Dahl too.
    I hope the school drop off goes well. I’m actually taking next Wednesday off so that I can do the drop off and then sit outside the school. I bit stalker-like I suppose, hehe.
    Oh dear, poor in-laws and hubby

    • Lol, the school will probably chase me away. However, there is hope. He did not cry at all yesterday. He is loving the holidaycare. Why? They have dogs and cats and tortoises. It would be great if the new school would keep some animals around for first week.

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