I can do this!

Here we are back for the new year.  Ity is lunch time, on my first day back, and it already feels like I never left.
The holidays were brilliant.  I was really waiting fr this one, as last year was just far too busy.  I worked crazy late the Thursday, late on Friday,  packed quickly, did a quick shopping trip (good thing Menlyn trades late on a Friday) and was all ready to leave at 4am on Saturday morning.  The roads to Durban were busy, as I expected, but not too bad.  I was in time for Saturday lunch with my parents.
Honeybear and I spent a lovely time with my family and then it was time to go home.  So I was back last week to ready myself for work today.
It is a pity that Hubby and I do not get leave at the same time, but after eight years, we just make a plan and enjoy the holidays.
I struck by the contrast in manners between my nephew and HB.  I love my nephew, but he is a rude little child.  I spoke to my sister and she agreed that it was a challenge, getting him to have manners.
I am thankful we stuck with the manners thing, as it is important to us.
Also, we are lucky to have a hardy little boy. who sleeps with the dog and gets dirty and loves being outdoors.  Once again, I was struck by how proper the other three boys were. while mine was just being a tough boy.
however, while they were braver with strangers, mine was still hiding in my shoulder.  One step at a time.
He is sleeping in his bedroom now, without any quibbles.  We finally have our bed back.
On Wednesday he starts holiday care with a new school and then the actual other new school.  Two new schools are going to be tough on all of us, but there is not much we can do about it.  We have to go back to work.

I know he will cry, and I will cry, but we will both get through it and be fine.


Last year was tough, in terms of extreme business, but  I know I am stronger for it, and this year is going to be a breeze, juggling normal school and full time work. 

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  1. Happy New Year MC. Let’s get it on!
    It’s so nice to hear that I’m not the only one picking up differences in our kids. They tell you not to compare but how can you not? Mind you, saying that, I think mine would be the one with no manners. He has none with us but is apparently a little angel with other people *shrug*
    Good to hear the HB is sleeping in his own bed. What a big step. But I keep forgetting that he is getting to be a big boy. I still think of him as a baby.
    I hear you on the school thing. We have the same next week. I’m not looking forward to it. We have explained to Liam about school and aftercare and that the aftercare will fetch him from the school. We have to go to school for an hour next Tuesday and then we will go across the road to the aftercare to introduce him again and find out who is fetching him. This is such a big step, sometimes I think more for us than the kids.
    WE can do it.
    Have a good work week

    • Back at you Helen.
      I try not to compare, but sometimes it is obvious,and all mothers want to know where their kids stand in the world. Mine is no angel and is bad often, but you still do it.
      HB is four now, they grow fast.
      We also have another orientation thing next Tuesday evening. Lucky for us, the aftercare is in the same place. Big school is a huge step for me, and I hope I do not cry, but I know I will. I cried at the parents day (I am a crybaby…you see the thread here?)
      Good Luck with your side.

  2. Happy New Year to you and your family,do hope 2016 is a blessed one.
    Glad you got to have a nice break in Durban.
    Kids and manners eish….what can I say…feel old and cringe often when I hear kids being rude,so few people could be bothered to enforce manners.
    Hope work goes well this year.
    Good luck with the new schools always a challenge to start new ones.

  3. I’m so glad you persist with manners. I really feel it’s the thing that can make the most difference in society, and yet, most people seem not to care.

    You sound relaxed, chipper and super motivated – glad the holiday was a good one.

    • Dealing with students who come through the office, I am struck by their lack of manners. I am hoping my little one does not turn into one of these.
      Next trick is to keep the holiday spirit going.

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