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I have a few minutes to write a blog again.  Sitting here with my fruit smoothie (loving these right now).

Me:  I am trying to be healthier and eat less junk, but right not when I have a horrendous headache I want a chocolate to make me feel better.  And there happens to be sitting, on my desk, a lovely Lindt slab.  A student brought it to me for helping out with design issues.

These days I make up a litre of fruit smoothie in the morning and I bring it to work, so I can drink it inbetween when I feel like a snack or coffee/tea.  My iron levels have been so low, I am trying to do away with tea for now.

I know many people believe fruit has too much sugar, but I am not happy to give fruit up right now, especially the summer fruit.  I love summer fruit.  I am wondering if this healthy eating is going to stick once I am in Durban.  My parents see it as their duty to feed me constantly while I visit there.  My Mom is such a brilliant cook, you cannot resist eating her food.  Not that she cooks unhealthy food, but I have been staying away from rice, bread, potatoes and that kind of thing.

A curry is not complete without rice or how do I say no to breyani or roti.  This is making me hungry.

I am trying to get Honeybear to eat more veggies, so I am having to hide the veggies in food.  I feel like such a sneak.  We received the new school calendar and the reality of school holidays and working parents just hit home.  What is everyone else doing?  Who takes care of the kiddies during school holidays?  We have nowhere near enough leave to be home to take care of Honeybear.  His school does have holiday care, but it is only for part of the holidays, not the whole thing.

I have been trying to work this out and I have no solution yet.  What are other people doing?  We  have absolutely no family nearby that we can ask to help out.  I am hoping we can meet some other parents in the same boat and we can do  like a carpool thing, but for childcare, that way one person does not take that much leave.  The school has three terms so if we have four adults then each one can take a turn to be home for the holidays.

We will meet the other new parents mid November so I am hooping we can find a solution.

Our puppy is not  proving easy to potty train.  I have read endlessly on this topic and try to follow the guidelines, but it is not working so well.  I am so tired of puppy poo and pee.  I want it to end.

My headache is killing me…does anyone else have this?  A few days before my period starts, I get the most horrendous headache, that will last until the period actually starts.  This happens with or without the pill.  I was told to just take pain killers.


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  1. Yes – this! The school holiday thing. But also, what do you do when “big school” finishes at 1-ish as opposed to creche that’s all day?! We have the nanny at home but it still means picking up kid(s) from school and doing the school-home-back to work run. Plus for me, my husband works all the way in Centurion so this duty will fall solely on my shoulders 😦 And after care is expensive!!! Sorry about your headache…I hardly get any thankfully.

    • We have signed up for aftercare so we are covered until 17h30. I cannot rely on one of us being able to have lunchtime free to do a school run.
      However the aftercare only does part of the holiday so we have to make a plan for the rest.

  2. Nice to hear from you again 🙂
    Isn’t chocolate bad for a headache? I also though my migraines only happened when I had my period. I was told it was a hormonal thing. But after making note of when I get them it can’t be hormonal. I don’t get them every month without fail.
    I hear you on the school holidays. What does everyone else do? Are there that many stay at home Mums? Luckily Liam’s current school does not close and the aftercare for next year, Grade 1, has holiday care also. There is simply no way a parent can have 3 weeks off work.
    I’m glad to say Marley, our pup no longer messes in the house. I don’t know if it because he is outside all day anyway, and when we do come home he has access to the grass in the back garden. I certainly didn’t train him.
    Hugs MC

  3. I know, I did not eat the chocolate. Still have it lying here looking at me. I have been noting them and the only time I was headache free was when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. I also can sometime get lucky and miss a month here and there. I still have it today, but I still have drugs in me, so it is not at the level of screaming yet.
    This scholl has aftercare but not full holiday care. I have been looking around for other holiday care, but most give first preference to their aftercare kids, and I want HB to stay at his school for aftercare, I am not comfortable with someone else transporting him somewhere.
    Our maltese is mostly indoors, but he just does not understand I want him to toilet outside, and not in the kitchen or lounge.
    I am hoping that during December I can train him better.

  4. All these big-school things we have to plan, buy, do, prepare for, oh my goodness, eeeek!

    I’m very lucky that I work from home, and have a full time domestic worker – so when I go see clients in my salon, she plays with the kids.

    Ah sorry about headaches, that’s horrible.

  5. Sorry about the headache. I also used to get them every month like that. Not sure why it’s not as bad now.
    As for your dilemma with holidays: this for me is the reason to either work at home or teach. Will see what happens next year, I have applied for a teaching job.

    • Heather I have to be honest and say my work is the one thing I am selfish about. It is the one part of my life I have not been willing to give up because I am a Mom. I so love what I do. I did try once to work fewer hours, but I only lasted nine months. The boredom of a job that allowed me to work less hours was killing me.
      Good Luck with the teaching job.

  6. Oh those lovely Lindt choccies – Although I eat 95% healthy I include a block of dark choc every single night, otherwise I get starved out for chocolate and I binge on it! Well done on following a healthy lifestyle!
    Hope today is headache free 🙂

  7. Love Lindt! Maybe give evening primrose oil a try – it helps for all sorts of female issues. I have Lucy at home so mine stay home over the holidays. But yes, it is a dilemma.

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