Big School looms

I am such a terrible blogger, cannot even call myself a blogger now, it has been so long.

Where am I?

I left school application really late, however, it worked out fine anyway.  We have our acceptance letter and an orientation visit for tomorrow morning.

I cannot stop being worried.

What if they do not love my little Honeybear?

What if he is scared and lonely?

What if he is bullied?

What if he does not understand and is scared and upset?

What if they force him to do judo when he does not like it?

Will someone help him settle in?

Will he cry and wonder what we have done to him?

Will he hate the school?

Will they treat him well?

What if someone steals his lunch?

Will they love him?

I cannot think why I think only bad things are going to happen.  Good things could happen too.

He will love it.

He will find friends.

This could be the start of his tennis or judo career.

I should stop stressing about the whole thing.  Hubby does not seem to understand, he is cool about the whole thing.  He has to wear a uniform now, as all the kids must wear uniform at the school.   They are even strict about bags and lunch boxes.  They must all be nondescript.  I understand why, but I still worry for my little one.  He only just turned four and he is such a sensitive soul.

My poor baby has been very sick this weekend, just high fever, without any sign something is wrong, like a runny nose.  At four he is a bit too big, but he still wants to sleep on me when he is sick and he wants to be fed and dressed, even though he is perfectly capable of doing it himself.  Hubby says I am being too soft with him and allowing him to take advantage of me, however, my baby is my baby and I will hold him and hug him as long as he wants me to.

Bid school is not just an adjustment for kids, but parents too.  We now have to eat breakfast at home.  The nursery school provides all meals so we never eat at home.  now he will have to eat a proper breakfast at home and I have to pack him lunch and snacks.  What if his lunch falls into the dirt?  What if he eats everything at once and is starving hungry by afternoon?

Honeybear also loves his afternoon nap.  They do have sleep time still at the new school, but i wonder if one hour is sufficient for my baby.

I have to be brave and not cry the first day of school. 


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  1. Oh Goodness, you and me both are so worried about the change in school. I don’t think we would be Mums if we didn’t ask all of these questions and more. What if, what if. But then what if he absolutely loves it.
    I will also have to adjust to making lunches and eating breakie at home. I think it’s more stressful for the parents than the little ones.
    HB will be fine. I know he is incredibly shy, but I’m sure he will adjust, just like he did at his current school. And how can they not love him? Precious little boy.
    Hey, everyone needs to be babied when they are sick. Poor little baba, wonder what the fever was about though. We also have those fevers with no reason.
    Us Mums are such softies, we let our boys get away with murder sometimes.
    Hugs MC, It was good hearing from you again.

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