I have been in the office since six this morning and now at three I have most of the work done.  All items have been struck off my to-do list.  It is such a satisfying sight to see.

This weekend was extremely busy.  The garage has been a sore point for Hubby and I. I decided I am not going to fight about it anymore, so we will just clean it up, and it will be clean and no need to fight over it.  Hubby and I spent the weekend cleaning up and throwing out and giving away.  It worked out so well.  Now the garage is clean and tidy, and we can actually park a car in it.  I love it, and since it has been done, hubby sees it from my side too.  I have phase two of the garage plan, which is for the two of us to build and install the high level storage in it.  Hubby is happy about that at least.

I am in cleaning mode, and my aim is to have my spring cleaning done by Spring Day.  I have been going through all our cupboards and corners.  Every weekend I tackle a little bit. I have two boxes at each cupboard, throw out or give away.  I am ruthless.  It is so nice to de-clutter.   I even did hubby’s cupboards, but with his I left the boxes for him to go through before I take them away.

I aim to have nothing on my kitchen counters besides the bread bin, kettle and coffee machine.

Honeybear’s room has had a drastic overhaul and his baby cupboard can go.  Tonight I am going to take it apart.  There is is also a cupboard which our TV used to sit on. TV is out of the way on the wall and that can go too.

I just want clean clear space. 

The PIL’s needed a fridge, as their old one broke.  They cannot afford a new one or to get the old one fixed.  We confirmed that they are without a fridge.  We organised for a new fridge to be delivered this morning.  You would have thought a simple thank you would suffice.  Not so.  We had to get tears, then a few calls asking if they could return the fridge for a bed.  Huh!? It is not easy to do since we are in Gauteng organising it to be delivered to the middle of nowhere in the Eastern Cape.  The transport is pretty steep.  But hey, they are family and we must look out for them.

MIL even called the shop to try to change it, however, since it is my details on the purchase, she could not.  I called the shop and said just do not deliver it.  They were nice enough to put a hold on the order, and not charge me a handling fee.  I asked Hubby to please call MIL and tell her not to phone the store or me.  I said I would go buy the bed when I am able to go shopping on Saturday and we shall get that delivered to them.  Never mind that the bed costs 4 times the fridge, and we had no plans to spend that much money.

This is definitely the last time I try to do anything for the in laws.  They have issue with everything, and I actually do not have the time or patience to deal with what is coming across as ungratefulness.  I was just expecting a polite thank you, but it was not to be.

They are who they are and I really should learn to accept it.  But events like the fridge test me.

I have decided that we will just do what they want and this will be the last time.

***that whole post was written yesterday but I did not get a chance to post it**

We received Honeybear’s report today and it was good to see that he is keeping up and doing his thing.  He is still a stubborn one and will do only what he pleases. 

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  1. I love cleaning out. I do it all the time. I can’t get DH to tackle his clothes cupboards so I guess I’ll have to do it. Thing is then he’ll look for THAT old tatty shirt that he wore way back when.
    Wow with the IL’s. How do you swop a fridge for a bed. Your bed can’t keep your food fresh. My nose would be severely out of joint about that.

  2. Flippin ungrateful people! Really – I would rather sleep on the floor that to give other people so much trouble. Ohhh Mamacat – they really do test you.

    Ohh decluttering – I love doing it – however I struggle getting Hubby and Zoe on board.

  3. I LOVE going through cleaning phases. I’m useless at cleaning in general but when I put my mind down to it, there’s nothing more rewarding than clean space. The kitchen counter…the worst!! How does it get cluttered so often 😦 We also did the garage so that we could finally park the cars. As for the in-laws…no comment!!!

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