Sick child


It has been a stressful few days and this morning was trying. It started with a call from the nursery school to say my darling had a very high fever. I organised stuff in the office and fetched him. We went to the doctor who confirmed the fever was very high, medicated him immediately and sent us home with antibiotics for tonsillitis.
Honeybear just would not eat. Yesterday afternoon the vomiting started. By this morning I was worried. Back to the clinic and then I am told he is very dehydrated. We need an iv. The IV was horrible I managed to hold my tears while I had to hold down my screaming child so they could get it in.
After about ten minutes he lost it. Screaming and trying to get it out. The nurse ran in and helped restrain him and then I cried. It is too much to watch your child on such distress. Anyway with the nurse and another doctor he calmed and fell asleep.
Later the nurse came to speak to me and told me that my child lost control because he was possessed. Yes. Possessed. He said he spoke to the evil spirit and told the Lord to cast it out of this child.  He says he has seen it once before in a teen and the girl told him about it.
When you are worried and stressed out it is hard to not believe that something might be in your child. That you should do something to  protect your child. I have never been a believer in such things but it did cross my mind that maybe he knows what he is talking about. Or maybe it was just the IV and my child was scared. 
Evil spirits. I do not know. Prayer would not hurt him but possession is not something I have ever worried about. My baby is too sweet to think about such horrible things.
I was there and I felt terribly alone. This weekend with a sick child is one of those times I wish we had family closer. A mom or sister or aunt or somebody to turn to. Just someone else who would be there if I needed them. Hubby was and still is at work, and I wish he was there with me this morning. I am not strong enough to watch my child in distress. I cannot separate the need for the medicine from my need to help him and rip the IV out of his hand too.
The distress then gets my hormones going and the breast milk starts again.  I also have not had a period for two months. Not sure of the breast milk has something to do with it. Not pregnant. I peed on a stick to make sure. I used to be clockwork.
Now I sit here feeling lonely and tired and stressed and out of ideas to get Honeybear to eat or drink something. He is going to end up dehydrated again if I do not get something down his throat. We cannot do that IV thing again.
Hubby has to stay with him while I go to work. New project with a client we are courting for a much bigger job. So I am supposed to be at the meeting tomorrow to make sure the client is suitably impressed. I want to be with my child to make sure he is fine. I know hubby is capable but I feel like the worst mother to leave a sick child and go to work.
Guess I am just going short for myself.


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  1. Ohhh sweetie, you are not a bad mother, and a child has two parents for a reason, sometimes the other one has to take over. I hope your sweet child feels better soon.

    And by the way, hogwash about the possession. That nurse need to be fired, to spout such rubbish to a worried parent.

  2. How traumatic 😦 Shame man! Reminds me of when we had to hold Ethan down for the two injections in his HEAD for stitches. So traumatic!! The good thing though is that they forget so easily. Hope that he’s feeling better today. And so sorry you have to go to work…being a working mum sucks!!!

  3. Oh Gosh, I feel you it’s not nice having to hold down your kid while the docs work on them.
    I hope that the fever is down and that today is a better day.
    I must say I was wondering what sort of hospital do you go to where a nurse tells you that your child is possessed. Goodness man, what nonsense. I think I might report them to senior staff.
    Let us know how Honeybear is doing.

  4. How completely unprofessional of that nurse! Apologies for that horror of an experience. I hope he gets better soon!
    And, yes, maternal guilt never goes away, but, know he is in capable hands, at least you have a partner to lean on! Work well today, rest well tonight! (well try to…)
    sending a virtual hug!

  5. I feel so sorry for you, and for little honeybear. I do hope he is much better soon – and your hubby is his father, you two are the team that cares for him. If sometimes the dad part has to step in because the mom part has work to do that is important for the family’s being that is also fine.

    And that nurse! Just unacceptable. Lot sof love

  6. How dare she! Seriously! Of course a child is going to react to
    an IV, Nicky would have done the same. I would write a complaint if I were you.

  7. Oh shame MC… I have been where you are and I can tell you they get so scared of the needles, definitely not possesses! Sounds like a very unprofessional doctor 😦 Hope Honeybear gets better soon! Strongs, mommy, you are doing the best job possible!

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