I am still here.

I was in the office really early this morning, while it was still dark and cold.  I had every intention of writing a blog, because I have been such a bad blogger.
Here I am quickly typing in what should by my tea break, but it is still too busy and I have so much to do, that I do not where to start and I have stopped.
Honeybear is a three, halfway to four year old now.  He has a definite personality and I have found he is a very sensitive little boy.  I am happy to see that he is a lot more social now.  It worried me that he did not seem to want to be with other kids, but he seems to have blossomed now and is really one to be the centre of attention.  Even with kids older than he is, his quiet ways seem to attract them.  I am not sure if it is that he is quiet or maybe because he has a prettiness about him that seems attractive.  I know you are thinking I am such a conceited Mama, but I am looking at this objectively.
Makes me think that pretty people tend to maybe have it easier in life?  That is a whole other blog.
We are still doing the school search.  We did find a lovely school and I want him to go there, however, fetching him every afternoon in time is an issue.  I do not how to resolve this.  There are ways but all rely on someone else to cut me some slack.

1.  My boss could allow me to adjust my working hours so I could leave early enough to fetch Honeybear.
2.  We would organise aftercare closer to my work, which I am not happy with, because I have to rush out at lunch and fetch him and get back to work.  Also, I oftern have meetings out of the office which do not respect lunch hour.
3.  Find another school and pay a whole heap more on school fees.

I guess we will eventually work something out, right now, I do not know.  Anyone have suggestions?

Hubby is my love and my darling and I love him so much, even when I am tired of picking up after him.  At least we can sit and talk and work through things.  I wish I could settle on some domestic help, but right now I do not have the time or the patience to work it out.  We mostly fight about housework, which is dumb and a waste, but a clean house is really important to me.  I have tried to let it go, but I have not been able to.  The answer would be domestic help, but where do I find that?  Reliable and at a decent rate?  I used to love the cleaning service we had.  They were efficient, reliable and they only took two hours to clean up with their team of three, which meant they were not in my space all day. Guess I will get desperate enough to work something out there too.

I am going going going and work is too busy.  My workload is far more than I can handle. People have resigned and the rest of us have to pick up the slack.  I just do not have enough time in a day.  I am not sure what the solution is.  I thin they are struggling to find replacements, and until there is a replacement, I have to do more than I can.

I also managed to get my very own tiny commercial project.  It is tiny, but I love commercial work, and I could not say no.  So I have even more to fit into my day.

I have been a good girl, and I have been exercising too.  I just gave up on going outside the house and we bought an exercise machine, which is actually working out really well.  Hubby and I challenge each other and we do more and more every day.

I have made my peace and I have definitely decided I am not having another child.  I was torn up about it for a while.  I really broody. I was starting to produce breast milk again (which may or may not have anything to do with the broody mindset).  I did take myself off to the doctor to get it checked out anyway, and since there is nothing wrong with me, they figure it was best left alone, to be checked again in a few months.

I have two days off work to go to a conference (with the bosses).  I hope they do not bother me with work stuff.  I really want to just sit and listen and learn something new.  I know some of my friends will be there/  I was thinking I will get there early and go sit far away from the bosses.  Though they are likely to catch me anyway.  I also need to hang out with them to network and be introduced etc.  Ugh, networking is not my strong point at all.  This also means I still have to dress properly.

Talking of dressing, I am struggling a bit.  I have to dress corporate enough or the office, but I still need some hard-wearing clothes that I can wear when I am on site.  I find anything beside jeans gets dangerous on site, because I cannot freely climb up scaffold etc.  Also, I wear heels and my pants are adjusted like that, so when I wear safety shoes, they drag on the floor. (very unsafe) The minutiae of my life! Sorry guys.
Guess I will work out that one too, eventually.

Even if I am very busy and sound whacked, I am in  my happy place.

PS: I am not doing spell check right now

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  1. ((BIG HUG)) You have been in my thoughts. I’m glad all is well.
    So nice to read that Honeybear is coming out of his shell a little bit. I can’t imagine having such a shy little boy.
    Gosh, the school thing………….I’m sure you’ve read my blogs about it, but we’ve finally been accepted and the Aftercare seems to be lining up as well. Thing about PE is that it isn’t really THAT far to drive anywhere. I hope you get things worked out. It’s so stressful trying to find the right school for a little person you don’t really even know yet, if you know what I mean.
    Gosh, work sounds a bit rough at the moment. Never nice to have to pick up the slack. I see it here also. People busting their butts whilst others haven’t got a clue what a full days work entails.
    Yay on the extra exercise. DH keeps talking about getting one of those indoor machines but all I see is Liam dropping a weight on him or something.
    Good luck with all that is on your plate. Thanks for the catch up

  2. Well hello there fellow bad-blogger 🙂 Good to get some news from you again.
    The school-story is really stressful … good luck with that!! Hubby wants to move to an area that’s closer to our work and my BIGGEST point of concern about moving is having to go through that whole exercise of finding a school again!!!
    Work sounds crazy! Hope that settles soon and you have time to breathe again. Congrats on your commercial project 🙂
    I know what you mean about the safety shoes thing … I see lots of the ladies here walking around with folded up bottoms when they are in safety boots … luckily I wear flats all the time 🙂

    Glad you are happy .. even though you are insanely busy! 🙂

  3. Wahoo good to see you for a change.
    Schools are a big decision but somehow you will manage to work it out.
    Work sounds really busy.Work clothes are an issue when you have to be indoors and outdoors. …maybe a pair of sturdy work boots in the boot of your car for when you are on site and tuck your jeans into your boots.
    Don’t be a stranger miss all you ladies.😙

  4. I have settled on jeans for days I am going to site – there is no other way. The only thing very important on the school issue is not to try and do the “fetch every lunch” thing – it will kill you!

    • I do jeans too, accept I feel it is a little too informal when there are other meetings too the same day.
      I did think it might be impractical to do the lunch time thing, but until he is old enough to be in a car without a car seat I have no other solution.

  5. Hey MC, so nice to “see” you on here! Glad to hear all is well with you and Honeybear. Eeek good luck with the huge workload… I can totally relate!
    I have the same problem with a domestic… housework is getting too much, but scared to take anyone just off the street, plus it’s a huge expense which will put strain on me .
    Can’t believe Honeybear is turning 4 this year!

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