Electricity and religion brings me here


Here I sit at six in the morning. Outside the office. There is no power, well there is electricity if I can get the DB cupboard open and flick up the switch. I was feeling frustrated that I could not open it, but I guess I must be thankful for this quiet time on such a pretty morning. I have my coffee and I can just sit here.
I am going to look at a school this morning. I hope it is good. I need my faith in the education system to be restored. Their advertising is great.
We will be paying quite a bit more if we decide it is the one, but we always planned on high school fees.
I really am disappointed that the government schools care so little to make improvement. Not all of them because I have seen some good public schools, just not where we live. Maybe I am being a snob a bit. I was raised with the thought that a good education was a gift.
I had every opportunity to do the things I wanted to do, and to live my dream. I want to give that opportunity to Honeybear. Hubby did not have the options that I had, and while he has a good job and all those things, he ended up doing something that was not what he dreamed about.
While talking about how good private school is, I hate that they discriminate so much. There are two schools that will not consider our application because we are not Christian. I am not sure what constitutes being Christian, or how they decide if one is Christian enough. However, there is no way I will send my child to a place where they decide elitism based on religion. Elitism is not right in any way, and religion as a basis is weak.
I wonder if people actually believe truly in their hearts that I must be a bad person because I do not have a baptism certificate and I do not go to church or send my child to church. Does doing those things automatically make me good? Maybe they believe that God is nasty and even if I try to be good, I will be punished because I do not go to church.
I always knew we would have to deal with race because of the family we are, but I never expected to be discriminated against because I am not Christian. I think I must be nuts, because there are whole wars going on because some people think their way is the right way.
This is in no way a stab at Christians. It is just my experience with schools at the moment.


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  1. All the school apps I’ve filled in, and that’s a lot, have asked about religion. I also don’t see what it has to do with wanting a good education, but I write that we are Christian. We were all christened in church. We do not go to church, but that does not make us bad people.
    I wonder if the schools know that it is illegal to deny a child the right to an education. I get so frustrated. Like this area thing. If I choose to drive 30km to get to a school then that is my decision.
    Good luck with this, I know how you feel

    • I am taking a school break now. It is all too much.
      I guess they might need to know for stats, but it is not nice to feel prejudiced against.
      I was to young to feel it during apartheid, but it is not nice to be singled out for being different.

  2. Stupid schools! How does religion make you a good person? There are people in all religions doing terrible things to other people. How can that be a criteria?

    Good luck!

  3. Flip a lot to deal with.Must say our schools seem to embrace all religions we really have a mixed bag but I think the main thing is tolerance and acceptance,really don’t see how religion affects your child’s schooling,church is for religion and school is for learning.

    • Every single school made a point of telling us that they are based on Christian values and that they do prayers.
      Even though we are not Christian, I do not have a problem with it, I just want them to be non prejudiced.

  4. If you label yourself “Christian” that doesn’t automatically make you a “good” person, and that my dear is why so many people shy away from Christianity and God because people of old made out that God will hate you if you do bad things, etc etc. Old and wrong (IMHO) mentality.

    Good luck finding a school!

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