Hello again


I do not know what happened to my blogging mojo. I just never seem to get to writing my blog. I always mean to write one and do start writing very often, but then I get distracted and I forget and the news is too old so I do not post.
I am writing this blog early on Saturday morning in between laundry and cooking oats for Honeybear. Hubby is working all weekend.
Also, I was having problems commenting too. Which is fixed now, however, I still cannot comment on blogs which are not on WordPress.
Oh well, here I am anyway.
Work is busy busy busy and I am horribly stressed I will miss deadline. Huge one this week. Huge! So, this weekend I will be working in between swimming lessons and playing with Honeybear. I hope I can make it work. I feel like I used to with exams. I should have worked more weekends and now is too late. I have been working overtime every single day. I am in at seven everyday and at six every other day. I cannot work after five because I have to fetch Honeybear, and the weekends have been so very busy. There is so much to take care of at home. Also I feel like Honeybear should have all of me when I am at home. It is his time. I work hours and hours during the day, so the few he has every evening is his time.
We have been seriously considering moving him out of his current school in readiness for big school. His current school is great except the language issue. I went to look at an English school yesterday, I was horrified. No security, no teachers assist, no separation of kids by age, no kiddies toilets. And the fees are higher than what we pay now. Also I have to bring sunlight liquid?
No way! So our other option is to look at schools close to home. There are some good schools here but they are close to home. Fetching Honeybear in the afternoon is a problem. Which is why I want to find something close to work, like I have now. However, the fees are so high there. While we are prepared to pay for private school, we still have limits. The private schools around where we live are what I expect to pay.
The plan is to look at these schools we can afford, and then hopefully I can make an arrangement at work to leave early to fetch Honeybear.
The time has come were he needs to move schools. I realise he is too shy and he needs a longer adjustment period.
Swimming lessons are a disaster because as much as he loves the water, he does not want to go near the instructor. He does not know her and he clings to me. So we just sit at the side of the pool while the other kids learn. I have decided to give it three months before I decide it is a waste of money.
Hubby is doing well at work and we see more of him these days. We are getting along fine, and he is my love.
We have decide not to move house for now. Who knows where interest rates are going. We are now going to spend a bit on our current place. I am going to get the floors that I want, gas in the kitchen and timber paneling in lieu of a head board. That is fine for now, I have a huge list.
Looking forward to some nice finishes in our house.
Laundry is done, oats are cooled, time for me to go.

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  1. I’ve been neglecting my poor blog terribly, just don’t get time. Now while I have some time while baby sleeps and Mia watches some tv, I rather catch up on reading blogs instead of writing a post! 😉

    Ah good luck with the school thing. Also in the process of looking at schools for grade R next year.


  2. Good to hear from you again! This whole school thing is a bit of a nightmare… not sure what’s going to happen there.. but good luck I hope you find something affordable and good!

  3. Gosh, sounds like work is tough at the moment. Will it calm down a bit?
    It always a good move to get HB into a school to ready him for big school. I’m so grateful that Liam’s currently school is so extremely organised, they’ve been having proper “lessons” since he started at 3½. What is the sunlight liquid about? Sounds odd. And no loos, wtf.
    It must be so hard to have a painfully shy child. I’m sorry, I have no tips for this as Liam is very confident. It’s just how they are wired.
    I wouldn’t give up on swimming lessons. He will get to know the teacher. I remember on Liam’s 2nd lesson he was refusing to get in the pool so the teacher picked him up and did the lesson with him fully clothed, no cozzie.
    Good luck with all that is going on. I’ll send you some hugs in the meantime

    • It always does calm down, maybe in another month it should be better.
      We need to go look at the school we are interested in. I have heard good things.
      He is now loving the lessons. Today went so well. It helps that the instructor is good with the little ones. Lol. Sometimes they need to be told what they need.
      Thanks for the support Helen.

  4. Great to see a post – and glad you seem to be doing well. Schools are always an issue – we are lucky being Afrikaans the great options are just so much more. AS to swimming – the hard fact is that kids can not really learn to support their own body weight and really swim until at average 4 or 5 – so what you want now is basic water safety only.

    • Work crazy busy, but I love it the same. It is so great to make a deadline and know it was good.
      The Afrikaans schools are great and I have seriously considered going that way, but I know it might be a problem later, with English parents.
      Yes. The focus is water safety, and the instructor did explain about the ability to actually swim might only come much later.
      We are practicing getting in and out safely and what to do if he falls in alone.

  5. Yah glad to see your blogging.
    Glad Hubbies work is going well.
    School choices are really tough and I am just glad we are privileged to have fabulous government schools in the dorp where we live.
    Swimming lessons can be tricky if the kids do not co operate, wise to give if a while then decide what to do.

  6. You can do this! As you said, you survived exams, you can do this.
    Give yourself a break, you are an incredible mom, and if you have to do the odd bit of work at home, HB will be just fine. He can even do ‘work’ with mom, and draw some pictures!
    School choices are never easy, all I can do is wish you luck! And persevere with the swimming, he will come round, and if he doesn’t, find another swim school maybe?

    • I know I can, and I have done it. The hand in was good.
      HB wants to draw mama’s drawings which is where the problem comes in. Lol.
      The swimming lessons are going well now. He is in love with his instructor.

  7. So happy to read a blog post from you! Hey mommyhood is lotsa work… I also wish there were more time for blogging. And more exciting things to blog about. But hey one day we’ll have loads of time and will probably blabbering on about our grand kids and complaining about our daughters in law 😉

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