Hello again

I know it has been a long while since I have posted.  Like everyone else, the end of the year is crazy busy, and starting a new job at the end of the year just took extra effort.  I have had no time to do anything…I get home, and sit on the grass while Honeybear plays then it is dinner, and bath-time, and by then I too am falling asleep.

I have not been a very good blogger or wife.  December was spent with the family and I did my first ever solo drive (with Honeybear), to Durban (since 2006).  It went really well, and HB was an angel in the car.

Hubby joined us for Christmas and we drove home together.

On the family front, HB is a a typical 3 year old and Hubby and I are still finding our way to a life without arguments.  Some days it is great, others not so…however, there is  progress: we get over it sooner, and the anger does not hang around festering.  On my work front, it is still crazy busy, but this is work I like a lot.  I work really hard and I enjoy it.  I think it has made me better with HB because I feel more fulfilled in myself.

HB is such a little person and amazes me everyday.  His newest thing is getting his shoes on by himself, and actually brushing his teeth properly.  His English is improving greatly, hoping it does not take a step back now that he is back at school.  I love him so much and I love him so much 🙂

Hubby is doing well at work, and I love the new hours, because they are shorter and we have more family time together.

I have become active about losing the weight that bothers me.  Things fell apart during December (my Mom cooks so well, I had to eat everything!).  However, I am back to being good.  I am still not into overly strict or diets I know I cannot sustain.  More fresh fruit and veggies…I know it is not the LCHF way, but I choose what I want.  I do believe less carbs are good.  I try to stick with that, but I love fruit too much….( I try to be good)…No other sugary treats, and junk is rare. So hopefully I will feel better, even if I stay the same size.

To kickstart the process and be better behaved I have taken to smoothies for breakfast. There is the thing about spinach in the smoothie, and while I do not mind spinach, after three days I could not do it anymore.   I am not sure what it was about the spinach…the taste was fine, but I was feeling icky about it, and I do not want to feel icky and stop.  I will give it another try in a few days.  The smoothies work for me, because I do not eat junk, and I know in advance what I will eat for breakfast (I am not a cereal person, and I feel better about eating my main meal at breakfast, however with work day mornings it does not happen).  I sadly do not drink Milo for breakfast anymore.  I love Milo.  It was my morning thing to have my Milo and read my email.  I do not think it is good for my waistline at all.
I have also kicked the coffee habit.  Finally!  I think it will stick this time.  It has been almost three months without coffee.  Yesterday I was served a cup and it made me feel ill.  I threw it away (very wasteful, I know).  Since I kicked coffee…I was drinking tea…but now I find I do not like tea either, even plain rooibos. So I am not forcing myself to drink it, and the weather is warm enough (I might change my  mind in winter)

I am still getting to do a wonderful thing (I mentioned it briefly a while ago).  It was delayed, but I still get to do it.  I do not look forward to the process, but I do look forward to helping someone else be happy.  I feel all warm and fuzzy.

My year ended well, and began well and I look forward to being a happy me.



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  1. haha, you’re header reads ‘hell again’… with the good eating and back to work, it kind of makes sense 😉 lol 😀

    great to hear things are good at your side! i feel relieved for your sake.

    hugs xxx

  2. I just can’t kick the coffee habit – if anything it is getting worse. I also need to get back on LCHF but goodness I’m struggling – I have this enormous craving for ice-cream – I eat bowls full of the stuff and the craving doesn’t go away! Even been munching on ice as well!

    I’m so glad you are happy at work and at home. That is soooo important.

    • My coffee habit was bad…5 cups by 8am. I think it must be like nicotene, you have to work it out your system for the craving to stop.
      I used to love ice cream, but even that went away. Just don’t buy it at all.
      LCHF takes a lot of planning, which is why I know I cannot stick with it fully.

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