My new phone function is amazing!


I wrote about trying to find domestic help because I was getting too tired and housework had become a point of conflict for Hubby and I.

We found a really brilliant cleaning service. They come in with their own equipment and materials and they clean in two hours. It is lovely to have a clean house without having someone in your hair all the time. It really works well for us.

The people are really accommodating too. It is a refreshing to have someone who understands exactly what you want without you having to tell them. The lady who runs the cleaning service is very inspirational. It is really great to see a single women who runs her own successful business. I love to listen to her talk, I love to listen to her ideas, I love to listen to the way in which she talks about her business.

I have just discovered a really great function on my new phone. I can speak to the phone and it will type my blog. Now I feel like I can just talk to the blogging world and you hopefully will talk back to me. It is way easier to write posts, hopefully this will mean I will write and post more often.
I have been really looking forward to the December break in Durban. My sister is being married over December break. I’m hoping I will finish my deadlines 2 days before we close for the break so that I may leave for Durban. Close family weddings are so much fun. Airplane tickets for hubby have already been booked.

Honeybear and I are going to drive down together. Because we are driving to Durban, I want to leave early. All this hogwash that I have been writing is because I want to test the speak dictate write function on this phone. So I guess I better stop talking and post this. Hope you all are well and have a great weekend.

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  1. That cleaning service sounds great! So glad you found these people. I wonder if they have something like that here in PE.
    Cool phone feature, but now you fingers don’t get to exercise, haha
    I’ve never been to Durban. The roads from PE up that way are awful, full of potholes and cows, quite dangerous actually
    Have an excellent weekend.

    • I’m pretty sure they have such cleaning services in Port Elizabeth too. I do know how bad the road between Durban and Port Elizabeth is . Haha about no exercise for the fingers, I still have loads of computer work to do so I am sure I will be fine.

  2. Please let me know the name of the cleaning service if you can, we are desperate to get someone!

    Durban is lovely, but I am biased, I grew up there, my family is there and I miss it.

    Interesting phone function, I would never be able to use it because my whole blog post will be full of ummms lol. Very cool that you can just dictate your blogs and then voila, here they are!

    • I too grew up in Durban and it is still my favourite place to be. I will find her number tomorrow and i will e-mail it to to you. It is such a load off my shoulders to have somebody else help with the housework. Hope she can help you too.

  3. Thats awesome – I’ve heard only good things of these cleaning services companies! Much easier…
    Its amazing what phones can do these days! 🙂
    I like any place with an ocean – Im not picky, something soothing & calming about being close to the sea!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Cleaning service sounds great, got a quote once from a local cleaning service and it was crazy expensive….due to the size of our house, crazy how it scars people and yet I clean it alone in a morning.
    Wedding sounds like it’s going to be fun.
    What app do you use for the talking blog post?

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