The love of a child


It is so busy at work I feel like I have been there forever. However, I am in my element and so far it is going well.
Honeybear, Hubby and I had a most relaxing weekend. We just became couch potatoes and spent time with each other. We really needed this weekend to be together and just to catch up with each other. Hubby is very busy at work too and we both realise that we have to make extra effort as a family.
The weekend cooking has worked really well last week and this week we have ready made meals waiting again. It is really great that instead of cooking, Honeybear and I have time to sit outside and play on the sand and jungle gym. We can build Lego cities and be with each other. Honeybear has been the perfect angel this evening. I can see a child who is happy that his mother is with him.
This afternoon I was feeling  proud of myself. We have a talking walking speaking human being whom we are doing pretty well raising. I know he has tantrums, but he knows he is loved and is such a loving child in return. Hugs and kisses and the sweetest little smiles. It just warms my heart.
Hubby was so happy to wake this morning cuddled tight to this little body.
I think there is something about the love of a child that just melts me down from the perfectly organised ice woman most other people know me as.


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  1. So I’m not crazy then with my cooking in advance 🙂 Well done! And it definitely frees up time with the kid(s) which is a serious benefit…I can see it in Ethan too!!

  2. Hmmm … I think this cooking in advance will help loads when mum moves back to Durbs next year. Do you make a meal for every day of the week? And how long does that take you?

    • I make a meal that lasts two days. So if I do a pie for tonight it is big enough to eat today with left overs for tomorrow. I use a specific container so I know the portion size and I can cook two together in my oven. So I can cook a pie and quiche at the same time. I usually take an afternoon to do it all. However,I plan ahead so I have everything defrosted or bought so it is ready to do. Hubby also helps.

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