Family time


This week is my first official week at the New job. So far it is extremely busy and I am trying to make a good impression. Besides showing that I have the know how they require, I am trying to avoid the need for over time work. With Honeybear it is just not possible.

Hubby and I have huge plans to do nothing this weekend. It has been so busy with all the party planning and me moving jobs, it feels like we have not had a moment to ourselves just to be with each other as a family. Family time is so important to make sure everyone is well and connecting. I notice we all tend to fight with each other when we have disconnected by not making time for each other.

I have also gone back to cooking once a week on the weekend. Not having cooking waiting is a huge time saver in the afternoons. I know freezer food is not everyone’s cup of tea but at least it ensures dedicated family time and a home cooked meal waiting for us. It also means less dishes to wash every evening.

Hubby is definitely moving to work close to us with slightly shorter shifts. It is going to be nice to see more of him. As I write this blog I am still waiting for him to get home. He is having a visit with his boss. I am trying not to be upset that we are not seeing him tonight when it was supposed to be family time. I know sometimes you have to socialise with the boss in the best interests of your work but it is not nice for the family waiting for you at home. Oh well, life happens and we will have a whole weekend to ourselves.

I think I am just waffling on now. Take care.


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  1. Yay on you for stocking up the fridge. I’m one of those anti freezer food types. Not everything tastes as good once it has been defrosted but I can see the advantage of cooking ahead of time.
    Yay on hubby’s job moving closer to home. Let’s hope the hours are cut also.

    • I too used to be anti freezer food, until I had a baby and was working full time. I agree not all good is good after it has been frozen. Through trial and error we have worked out a few meals that can survive the freezing process.

  2. I love the idea of having coked food ready in the freezer.
    Hope Hubbie being closer to home works out well….nice to be able to get more family time.

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