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I know I have not posted as much as a normally do…but my life has been in flux, change, settling?

I blogged about my work saga so by now you know I was basically asked to leave. I have always said I have lived a charmed life, and this was one more time I could see exactly how charmed. A friend sent me a message about a possible job. I looked at it and I had applied for it previously and nothing came of it, because I was missing one of the key skills they required. Even if I believed it was something I could easily learn, they did not even consider me. Anyway, I sent my CV for the third time as my friend suggested…I was called for an interview and the next day I was offered the job. I accepted and let my old place know. I think they were very relieved.

I managed to leave the old place graciously, I think. I never burn bridges and I hope that they still have respect for me. My leave taking was very friendly and happy and I was glad that it could be so.

I unofficially started at the new place last week, in order to gain the missing software skills. I offered to start the week early to save myself stress, when I officially start Monday. The office is pretty much the type I am used to. The directors seem strict but fair (the way I like it). The people are young and seem friendly enough. However, I just do not feel like making any work friends at the moment. I know I sound nasty now, but I just feel like I want to keep things separate this time. Also, I know the wife of the one guy really well and I just do not want to mix work and social life right now. Maybe when I have been there longer and I know everyone a little better.

I do not know if I have stepped on any toes in my new position…one guy was already asked to move desks so that I may have a more private and larger space. I am not big on office hierarchy, and some offices are. Maybe they are just being nice. However, after the last place, I am going to tread a bit more carefully, you never know how quickly something good can sour.

Honeybear’s birthday party turned out really well and was fun for everyone. Cat (at juggling act) talked about a sweetie bar, and it was a huge hit at the birthday party. The biscuit party packs went down well with school and the home party too. The masks did not turn out great but the capes were a huge success.

I ended up serving a proper lunch (all the adults were close friends). None of the kids were interested in lunch but the adults seemed to enjoy it. The platters seemed like a good idea, but lunch just seemed easier to hubby and I.

Hubby was a star and built a kiddies table and benches for the kids. I was so impressed that he managed it amongst all his very long work hours. I love him so much. He knew how much I wanted this party (because this was for me more than HB)…and he really made every attempt to make sure I got what I wanted.

Hubby may be getting a transfer closer to home with slightly shorter working hours. It looks like the answer we need, however, all is still maybe at the moment.

My shy baby… I have been stressing about his shyness…these last few weeks and the party made me realise there is nothing to worry about. Reserved and cautious may be better than shy. He just needs time to assess a situation before jumping in.

My world seems to be righting itself and all I can say…thank you!


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  1. Wow I am so happy and relieved to read that things are turning out great for you. Amazing what a negative energy (your old job) can do to your life. I was in a similar situation not so long ago and since I changed jobs things have just gotten better. Good for you HB mom good for you. Glad to hear that the party was a success 🙂

  2. Oh wow, what good news. I hope the new job works out well. I hear you on being cautious before making any “office friends”
    Yay on HB’s party being a success. You know, there was a little girl in Liam’s class last year who was so painfully shy. Even though she and Liam are great buds, when she came to his party this year she was in tears. Her mom said that she definately did want to come but didn’t know what brings on the sudden tears and clingyness. I got the idea though that the little girl was sometimes forced into situations that she wasn’t happy with, you know, to try to get her over her shyness. HB will come out of his shell. Not all kids are social butterflies.

  3. Hi MC, I was wondering how you are and why you so quiet. I’m so happy to hear you have a new work and that things are going well thus far. Wishing you much, much success for the future, and I hope you’ll look back on this and see it as the best move you’ve ever made 🙂
    OOooooh yay for a nice successful party for Honeybear! Did I miss his birthday, or is it still coming this week?

  4. So pleased to read this post, you had us aworried in the blogosphere! Well done on the new job, and the party sounds great – pictures, please!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to HoneyBear – hope you share pics! Glad the party went well!
    And congrats with the new job – dont sell yourself short. Hope you adjust quickly in the workplace, and hope it works out for you! I always say, we are not here to make friends at the office, but you do end up liking some people more than others – but it all stays at office, no socialising after hrs!

    • I know what you mean. We are having an office social this Friday, so I should have a chance to see what the office dynamic is like. I will post some pictures as soon as I have a moment to download.

  6. Am so glad to hear things are back on track 🙂 Congrats on the new job … hope you settle into the office nicely.

    Yay for a great party … 🙂 I have Mister’s next week Saturday and have slacked off on preparations

  7. Oh you sounds so very well and happy! And yes, I just saw once again how well the sweetie buffet works. I am always amazed that they mostly choose way less than one would put in a party pack.

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