My education up to now


I was driving home yesterday and now that Honeybear is almost three there are a few things I have learned in the time I have been a mother. The list below is in no particular order and neither is it everything.

  1. I have learned that my child will learn to drink out of a normal cup whether or not I started at 6 months or 2 years old. It is a skill he has eventually picked up without me having to try the most expensive sippy cup or medela feeding cup.
  2. My child will eat food. Again, I know at 6 months old he was not ready to eat yet. I should have waited longer instead of stressing myself that he was not eating and every meal was a fight. We still occasionally fight about food. I have learned to just let him snack or let him tell me when he needs to eat.
  3. Breastfeeding is a rewarding experience. It took us almost three months before we could settle down and were happy doing it. For 5 weeks I cried every time I had to breastfeed, and it did not come naturally, as much as everyone would like you to think so.
  4. You can do without a baby bath and seat. I never worked it out and it is still lying in my garage. You can bath a baby in the big bath.
  5. Carrying your baby does not spoil babies. They need to be close and you are just giving them what they need. You cannot spoil a child with love.
  6. Shoes are an expensive and non-essential item… I just buy them because of peer pressure. My child prefers bare feet.
  7. You need your Mom when you give birth, not your scared wilting husband who is crying. I admire my hubby for putting up with the whole birth experience, but I know he is still traumatised by the event. It would have been more calming for me to have my mother or just the labour ward nurses.
  8. If I ever give birth to a child again, I WANT AN EPIDURAL!!! Having been there done that without (not my choice) it was not pleasant and I ended up with an emergency c-section anyway.
  9. You find you cannot say no so easily to a sweet little baby face.
  10. There is nothing compared to feel of little arms around your neck and that little whisper of “I love you”
  11. Having a child in our bed was never part of the plan, but I cannot imagine making him cry and leaving him alone while Hubby and I cuddle.
  12. I am not a natural mother. Mothering and parenting is something I have to work on. I worry constantly I am doing things wrong.
  13. Children will eventually lean everything they need to, without you having to force anything. Waiting until they are ready is infinitely easier than trying to strong-arm them into doing things.
  14. I have a voice of authority and my baby understand it when I use it.
  15. Tantrums are an unfortunate part of my life, however, there are pre-signals, if one is paying attention.

What have you learned?

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  1. Yep I’m not a natural mother either. Somebody once said to me if I have ever seen a grade 1 child with a diaper, dummy or bottle and obviously the answer is no – so they all get there sooner or later.

    I have learned to so much patience.

  2. Great list.
    Must say I learnt not to panic over the small things…they will drink,eat and sleep eventually.
    Routines are critical for everyone’s sanity even when they are 19,15 and 9!
    Follow you own instinct and don’t listen to all the advice everyone wants to give you.
    Always take a full medical kit when you are away from home,kids will have an asthma attack,temperature when you don’t have anything with you.
    Always packs water and snacks when going out for a while ,even when they are 19,15 and 9

  3. Wonderful post!
    Yup … I think the majority of us are just making things up as we go along, doing the best we can … I don’t consider myself a natural mother either!
    In addition to all the things you put down I learnt to pick my battles … otherwise you spend the whole day fighting over every small thing. So I don’t fight every battle … just pick the ones that are important to us

  4. What I learnt is that I know very little. But all a baby needs is love, nappies and boobies. Children are another kettle of fish, and they just need attention and boundaries.

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