The Cookies


OK here we are with the cookies. I am not doing sweet filled party packs because parents seem to not like them (even if the kids love them). Here are the cookies that are going into the party pack. I am just doing the cookies for school and I want to try out a cake I saw. If the cake turns out well, I will send it to school, otherwise it will just be cookies. For the at home party we are doing the same cookies and the capes masks.

The cookies did not turn out as I hoped. I had a vision of actual Spiderman, but I realised that I would have to invest time and money into getting those right. I thought about it for a long while and eventually decided to just do with what I have. So here is what I produced.

The Cookies

The web cookie looks like a snowflake because I could not get a deeper blue and the black will not set. I have decided if I have time to make some red cookies too.

There are so many people doing wonderful things with cookies, but I do not have the experience or equipment. I just used one old fashioned syringe thing with one nozzle tip. I was not going to buy a whole set for one birthdayโ€ฆand the fancy food colours are so expensive. I figure the 3 year olds’ will not mind my wonky 3 or snowflake web thing. They will just lick them and eat them. I used lemon flavouring in the icing to try to counter-act the sugary sweet of the icing.

I was happy the icing dried nicely. I was really worried I would not get it right.


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  1. Stop criticizing yourself – those cookies are amazing – wow you are really so incredibly talented! And they do look yummy – email me a few please. Is it sugar cookies under all the icing?

    Hope you are OK.

    • Thanks Rm ๐Ÿ™‚
      The sugar cookies are what you are supposed to use, however, I find they are too hard sometimes, once your icing is set. I use a butter cookie which I have to freeze before baking in order to control the spread.

  2. They look awesome! What does SA kids know about snowflakes anyway, but it sure looks like a spiderweb to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been wanting to do the sugar (anycookie) icing thing, just not getting around to it.
    I can imagine why some parents dont like partypacks – some kids just tuck in and then its sugar rush galore! Jessica is ‘well trained’ she shares with mom and (mostly) dad or eats one thing at a time and leaving the rest for another day. at one point we had 3 or 4 party packs in the cupboard!

    • It is birthday season for us right now, so I have to get to the school bag before HB remembers the party pack inside. I use the sweeties for my bribe box.
      I was worried about the cookie icing, but I found it is nice to do them at differet times. So I cut and froze them one week, bake them one week and the next week I will decorate so it does not get too much.

  3. ARRGHH .. now I’m wishing for one of those delicious looking cookies!!! Hey ,we went to a party yesterday and there were no party packs! I was surprised but then thought, good for them, who actually needs a party pack, you came to the party and had a great time and had lots to eat..why do you NEED a party pack! Kids didn’t even ask about it.. it was quite refreshing actually!

  4. Goodness MC! I think these are look really great!! And delicious … well done!
    We don’t mind getting party packs … we usually put all the sweets into one big container we have in the cupboard. Then when they want a sweet in the days and weeks to follow they get to pick one thing from the container ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LOVE butter cookies! ๐Ÿ™‚

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