Shambles approaching


Oh my…my whole stable life seems to be collapsing and I just do not know how it is happening and what I need to do to save it.  I am just a few steps away from being fired.

Yes…me fired!

It has taken me a while to get my head around this and understand what it is happening.  I still am not sure why.  This morning I was told that they cannot really fire me, so I must think about a way in which we can resolve this situation…because I said I would not resign.  I cannot believe I went from having a happy job where everyone was happy to please leave.  I cannot understand this.  I do not know why it is happening.  I have mentioned before I am a little confused about my job description and I am not sure what to do.  I get asked to work on something then it gets taken away and it is not my responsibility anymore…then when there are problems it is my fault.  Why was I not doing the work…work you specifically asked me not to do.  I almost feel setup to be honest.

This morning I made a suggestion about contract law and I had my head bitten off.  It was like I was talking nonsense and making up stories and how dare I mention I know more about contract law then a magistrate.  I was flabbergasted.  I had to study and pass contract law as it pertains to the building industry…a huge part of my work is contract administration (well used to, not anymore).  To be honest, that is my strongest skill, administering a contract and ensuring everything runs smoothly on site. I run my own meetings and I am used to running multi-million rand commercial projects.  To now be told I know nothing when it comes to a tiny little project of three units really kicks me in the teeth. 

I am really sad that this all happened and I do not know why or how.

I assume the company’s financial needs may have something to do with it.  However, I cannot help but feel like a failure as a person.  The work I do is a huge part of my life.  At ten I knew what I wanted to do and I worked towards it.  I do not do this job just to earn a salary…it is my passion and my dream.  I have always loved my work…yes there are down periods, but I could even live with those happily. 

I need to go finish getting my head around this. 

On the marriage front, things are not quite resolved yet.  We still need to work on managing hubby’s long hours, but in the light of me not having any salary in the first place, I guess we have just left it alone for now. 

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  1. Ohh MamaCat, it seems although we are in the same boat regarding the work. I have now created a gmail account specifically for work and I blind CC all emails to this account to cover myself.

    Good luck Hun and stay strong. We are all here for you.

    • To be honest I do not know if I have it in me to do the whole work search thing again. Maybe it is time I just use the energy to make my own business work, but the worries about the financial situation degrading has me stressed.
      Good Luck to you RM

  2. Oh my goodness. I don’t understand either. I thought just last week you had a talk with the bosses and everything was sorted and everyone understood each other.
    Perhaps this is another misunderstanding? Have you spoken to them about it and your confusion as to what is required of you?
    HUGE Hugs MC, you don’t deserve to be buggered around

    • I honestly think I am dense. I must have missed all the signs that must have been there. I thought everything was fine.
      We are at the point that they do not want to come right out and say it and discussioins have gone in circles.

  3. Oh $&@# – Im so sorry to hear. If you decide to leave – try get 3-6 months paid salary out of them. Start your own thing or find something else, at least for a little while you know you are covered financially. If you stay, they might have a change of heart and fire you any way (or retrench) or find a way to get you to leave – people are mean like that… There will always be that bit of doubt, no matter what you do.
    Trust your gut – Goodluck!! Big Hugs!

    • Thank you for the advice Sharon. I guess as soon as I have things straight in my head I should see what I can negotiate with them. I am hoping they are open to negotiation because I obviously cannot read people at all.

  4. OMW! I’m so sorry MC. This is awful.
    Big hugs and sterkte MC!!
    Remember that you’re a strong and smart and capable woman … you will get through this! Good luck … I hope you can negotiate something with them.

    • Thanks RM, I appreciate you asking. I guess I am OK, just terrified that we will all fall apart. But I have to continue. I received a letter today asking me to leave…I guess I will, just need to try to negotiate some kind of severance type thing…even though I know they are not interested.

  5. That sounds super stressful 😦 I really hope that it gets resolved asap!

    MAYBE just MAYBE if you don’t also have the stress of a full time job, it will be easier to deal with your hubbys hours?

    • Thanks Laura. You are right about that….this has made Hubby and I realise how much we need each other and how we can get deal with the hard knocks if stand together.
      There is a silver lining in every cloud 🙂

  6. I hate hearing stuff like this. As an employer I really do try to make my employees’ lives as easy as possible. I hope you are coping under all this pressure.
    I’m going to throw my favourite saying out there again – if you are going through hell, KEEP GOING!

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