Can you Photoshop?


I have been busy with the invitations for Honeybear’s birthday party. I was sitting there editing graphics in Photoshop and I wondered to myself, what do people without Photoshop know-how do? Who makes their party invitations for them? Do you have to buy them?

The capes are looking halfway decent and I will not be embarrassed to hand them out to the kids.

Next on my list is the masks. I was using Honeybear to measure the masks until I remembered he has a smallish head, or used to. I wonder if he has equalized with the other kids yet?

The sister at the clinic used to say he has a fine bone structure (which I assumed was a way not to alarm us)

I made my own chicken soup yesterday afternoon to make me feel better. I was telling Hubby that no one has ever made me chicken soup when I was sick. Not that my parents never cared, chicken soup was not considered essential to recovery, and my Mom never cooked anything besides vegetable soup. So I will feel a little sorry for myself, while I pretend to be at death’s door and cook some chicken soup.

On the work front, things are seeming a bit more settled today. The boss pointed out that I may have a point in the things I said. I hope he is not just saying it but actually means it. I really wanted this job to work out, especially since it fits so well with the things I have to do as a mother too. OK I do the overtime work to myself, and that was something we have already resolved anyway.

Hubby has had some encouraging news about his work. He has been promoted three times in 6 months and it looks another one is coming too. I love that he is climbing so fat, but I do wonder what extra stress and work hours are coming his way. As soon as his salary is enough to cover mine too, I am going to retire and start doing my own thing (Hey, I can dream!)

I have a few sketches requiring my attention…Enjoy your day fellow bloggies!


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  1. Nope can’t photoshop at all! I’m a bit of a technophobo BUT I’m quite good on Excel.

    Wonderful that Hubby is climbing the corporate ladder. We always said that I’ll stop working when Hubby salary is enough to live on but now we are thinking if I keep on working we can retire either earlier or more comfortably! So I’m still working!

    Good luck with all the party things! Always fun to plan.

  2. I have no clue about photoshop but I design Liam’s invites on an excel sheet with pics, etc. and DH prints them on photopaper. They look really grand.
    LOL at the small head. Liam has a big head, but at least it’s in proportion with the rest of him, teehee. The other day at swimming there was a teeny tiny little boy next to Liam. I asked his Mum how old he was and she said that he had just turned 5. I said so had Liam. The difference between the two boys was huge, not only in size (and weight) but the other Mum said that Liam seemed more mature than her boy.
    Yay for Hubby climbing the ladder. I too hope that things don’t become too stressful. It sounds like he already spends far too much time away from home.

  3. I wish I had Photoshop. I make all the invites on Powerpoint, editing things as best as I can in Office. I even made all of Mister’s decorations like bunting etc on Powerpoint and convert to pdf files for email invites to my friends and print them out for school buddies (though there are none of those this time)! I would LOVE to have Photoshop though …

    Congrats to your hubby!! Wow he really is climbing up the ladder fast! Hope it doesn’t mean too much extra stress and hours for him.

    I say the same thing about my hubby … that I’m waiting for him to become a high powered exec so I can just stop working altogether 🙂

  4. I would love to have Photoshop… Ive been making due with Paint (yes – Paint). I’ve learnt a few tricks (copying from pdf etc) along the way. Never get the same effects on word or excel. Ive heard powerpoint also good for this (like Nusha)

    Good for hubby! I think there’s a few of that wishes our hubbies can do all the work, and then we can be housewifes – or at least work like we dont need the money! 😉

  5. Hubbie is a photo shop buff,I mean he can iron out wrinkles,turn Bcups into D cups,etc,etc
    I love chicken soup especially in the middle of winter,good old ‘Jewish penicillin’

  6. I’m also a believer in chicken soup! My mother always made me toast and scrambled eggs when I was sick and it always helped, but chicken soup is so much better.

    I can’t Photoshop, but I use Picmonkey for my editing and it works a charm.

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