A nice weekend


Honeybear and I had a most pleasant weekend at home. We walked into the front door on Friday afternoon and this morning was the first time we stepped out. He really was an angel, only fussing to go down for his nap. (and then he proceeds to sleep for four hours).

We cooked and played together, and we watched some of his movies. I let him stay up late on Saturday night because he had such a long daytime nap. I let him watch Madagascar on TV and he was so excited! It was nice that he was still awake for Hubby and we had a bit of family time before a late bedtime. It is not something I am comfortable doing, letting him stay up late and messing with bedtime, but I cannot be military mama all the time.

He has been attached to my side the whole weekend. I even ended up showering with him, because he did not want to leave me. This morning he continued to be a good little angel. I dropped him off with just a few tears (because he wanted me to carry him into the class, when I put him down at the door).

I am looking forward to a nice afternoon, and Hubby should be home at a decent hour today. I have been having the worst craving for junk food all weekend and today. (Which is one of the reasons I never went out). I have to go into the mall today for my pill, will I be strong enough to bypass the junk food? We will see.

I have been good with eating these days. I think it must be having a cold again that is pushing the desire for junk…it is just easier than me having to cook dinner for everyone. I used to never mind cooking, until I became the primary cook. Hubby gets home too late to help with cooking. My major gripe is having to think up dinner ideas. We have not been good with menu planning lately because we need to eat everything out the freezer before buying anything new. Also, I try to think of quick meals and things that will last more than just one meal.

That junk food calls me today, because with a runny nose and sore throat, I really do not want to cook…but I also do not want my good behaviour to fall apart. I need to stop thinking about it….OK time for me to pack up and go fetch my baby.


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  1. Oh, nappy is such a fight in our house too. I don’t know who needs it more, us or Liam, but once he’s decided to sleep he’s off for hours. We don’t let him sleep for more than 2 hours otherwise bedtime is hell on earth 🙂
    Aww man, such special times. And weekends are made for rules to be broken. Just a bit later in bed for us, about 9.30pm then we are all asleep.
    Cooking is such a chore. Like you said, just thinking that I have to be creative now. At least I don’t have a picky eater, I couldn’t deal with that
    Have a blessed week MC, HUGS

    • This weekend I wanted a nap too, so it was nice to get a nap in and to have time to do my own thing while HB was still asleep. I also wonder if I should wake him (they wake him at school) but I love the nap so I let it be.
      I try not to fight about food anymore, I figure he is old enough not to starve and I think he is more of a grazer type of eater. I work on not letting it get to me.

  2. Always amazes me how I crave junk food when I’m sick too……when really should be eating healthier to get better faster.Hope the cold is gone soon,have a good week.

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