Crafty and proud!


I have read quite a few blogs about kiddies birthday parties. About how not to go overboard and spend too much money and how party packs are not great and all the things that can be left out of kids parties.

I have always been honest with myself…HB is too young to even know when it is birthday, the party is for me. I love doing it. I really like the little details and this is the first birthday party we are having for him with other children.

I like the idea of a themed party. I know I do not have to sew party favours and I could spend my evenings doing other things besides ironing on Vilene bondaweb and cutting out spiders. I have enough work to keep me busy and I could do with more sleep. I like doing it. I like walking through the shops trying to find the perfect plastic spider. I like designing the cake. I like making my own homemade cookies. I like planning the decorations.

I am the kind of person that loves Google and every time I do, I learn something new. Like Vilene bondaweb does not peel of pongee silk without wrecking the fabric. Hey, now I know the basics of appilque.

I learned to stick a marble into a balloon before you blow it up in order for it to stick up without helium.

I learned how to colour red icing.

I learned about ruffled tablecloths.

I know my three year old will not appreciate the details now but I do know one day when he is older, he will have some nice photos to look at. I am not a believer in sweet filled party packs, not because I do not give my child sweets, but because I do not think much thought and effort was put into it. I do my own thing because I love crafting and I have the ability to look at something and sew or make it. I know not everyone can do that, but that is not reason to knock the people who can. Crafty Moms are considered by other moms to be showing off. Showing off is not necessarily true. I have a sense of achievement in sewing the Spidey capes and masks. I love doing something different and extending my skills. Other Moms are brilliant cooks or have more patience or are better at teaching. Some Moms, like me, are good at making things and do silly things like home-made playdough and fishing sets We make our own baby cots and cribs and paint out own nursery and make our own sleeping sacks and receiving blankets and burp cloths and car seat covers; just because we enjoy it.

I am pretty sure there are Moms out there who want to show off with their perfectly appointed kiddies birthday party, but I think that is not all Moms. And if you want to show off, so what? We all deserve praise for a job well done.

I am going to enjoy planning Honeybear’s 3rd birthday. I will love going overboard and making a backdrop and a special kiddies table. None of the kids will notice, but I will and I will feel like I have achieved something as a mother to make up for all the shouting I have done. I am a crafty mom and I am proud of it.



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  1. Good for you! Hey, you know, if you have the time and skills why not go for it. Me? I would rather sleep, hehe. I remember spending 2 hours making Liam a Space shuttle and rocket out of tubes and a coke bottle. They came out very well, but now they have been shoved in the back of the cupboard. I consider myself quite crafty, but too lazy to put it into practise and by the time you’ve put in all that effort and time you may as well have paid someone else to do it and had a good nights rest LOL
    But it would be no good if we were all the same. Like you said, we are all different with our own set of skills.
    I don’t like putting junk in the party packs either. This year I put a naartjie in the bags and most of the kids were horrified. I have learned however, that I put in too much in the party packs. Most packs only have 4 things. Mine were huge, with 2 toys, biscuits, chips, juice and a variety of sweeties. Next year I’m going smaller.
    Can’t wait to see pics of HB’s party 🙂

    • Lol, at the naartjie. I am hoping we get some decent pics. I still don’t sleep through the night, and I like to wait up for Hubby, so I am not going to sleep anyway…might as well do something I enjoy.

  2. I am SO with you on the party planning 🙂 I also love it!!

    I’m not really good at sewing and things, but I love to print out decor and cut and stick things together, decorate things etc etc. For Mister’s upcoming party I created the decor myself on Powerpoint (I downloaded a set for the girls’ last party) and just need to start printing and cutting and hanging onto string etc 🙂
    I cannot sew to save my life so I got a crafty friend to make the horses for the last party (no party packs at all). For Mister I’m doing personalized tins with plastic lids. Will put a couple of small things inside but the main thing is that each kid gets a cutely decorated tin with his name on it that he/she can use for stuff when they get home …
    And yes I also admit that I do this because I enjoy it and I know that the kids don’t really care about it at this stage or appreciate it … but one day they will 🙂

    I do hope we get a few pics of HB’s party 🙂 Sounds like it’s going to be lovely.

    • Yes, I loved your horses. I have been thinking of making one for HB for fun. I like the personalised party packs too. I have made mine of cardboard tubes and then covered it with paper out the phone directory.
      I hope my baby has fun.

  3. I think a lot like you – I love the creative little details – but not maybe a bag filled with sweets. However I have done sweetie buffets and they do work like a charm – the kids eat and take less sweets but love it and lets be honest – it looks stunning

  4. I’m exactly like you… love googling, and like making all the cutie stuff for parties instead of paying someone a hefty some to do it. It’s fun and I think I enjoy it more than anything else. Jamie loved his second birthday party, he was old enough to know he was the centre of attention and he loves looking at the photos – I made a photobook for him. From his third birthday he started remembering and still speak with fondness of his Jake and the neverland pirates birthday.

    • it is great that he can remember. Honeybear is so extremely shy,I am wondering if he is going to be stuck to my leg and if we will actually get some nice photos or will he hide his face.

  5. You go Girl! I also get ‘chastised’ by some of my friends for going overboard, doing too much, but, like you I love, love, love seeing that little girl’s reaction when she sees her party coming together, seeing her cake, blowing out the candles. It feels so worthwhile! I use the internet a lot too, you must have a look at pinterest, I start saving ideas there long before the event even happens (in fact started saving ideas for T’s 4th birthday before her 3rd had even happened!)
    Have fun! It’s going to be awesome!

    • I just discovered pinterest earlier this year while looking for party ideas…love it! it is such a nice way to bookmark your ideas.
      I think overboard is better than making no effort at all. I place huge emphasis on special days and they have to be special.

  6. I Love your post! 🙂
    Im a “it you got it flaunt it” kinda woman, so if you are good at something why not use your talents, if some people think you are bragging or whatever, so be it! Im mostly just envious – “why didnt I think of that” or “why cant I be more creative” or “I wish I could do that” 🙂
    Kids remember – I remember most of my birthdays – and it actually wasnt special/memorable most years… so I will make an effort for Jessica parties & will bake the cake every year – even if they dont look as planned! 😉

  7. Oooh Pinterest is awesome. So many ideas, so little time.

    Yay crafty mom, well done. Birthday party planning and DIY’ing is such fun!

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