Family time


The weekend was so good for us. We arrived at the camping site early on Saturday morning with much excitement from all of us. We set up and Honeybear was all over the place. He really ran around to his heart’s content. The only sadness for him was when we had to get him to take his afternoon nap. It was a screaming tantrum, but we quickly sorted it out and got him to sleep. Hubby and I tried to catch some fish, but nothing. At least only one person caught anything so we did not feel too bad.

Hubby and I made our first potjie ever, and we were very happy with ourselves at how it turned out. Honeybear was having none of it and ate peanut butter instead. It was much warmer this time around and we were more confident about the whole exercise. Honeybear just banged his rod in the water and only wanted to stick mealies on his line. We had removed all hooks and the reel before letting him do whatever he wanted to do.

After lunch (mince wraps) we packed and left for home. Honeybear promptly fell asleep and only woke four hours later at home. It gave Hubby and I a chance to unpack and relax a bit.

Hubby and I talked about how much fun we had and how much our little family needed some family time away from all the other things that catch our attention.

Honeybear was a perfect angel this morning. He fully co-operated with everything. He just wanted us all to go in the same car. It took a bit of time, but we managed to explain why we need two cars. I think he definitely wants more family time. He wants us all together all the time. However, life is what it is, and we cannot be together all the time.

Hubby is on late shift, so Honeybear and I are on our own. We will make dinner early and then read a bit. I do believe we each need individual time, even children. So while I make dinner Honeybear can do his own thing.

I have found some kind of domestic help, I just hope it works out. It is one of these cleaning services. They will come in for an hour and a half and clean up on a Saturday morning.   I thought it might be better than having someone in my hair all day. They can come in and do it quickly and leave and I do not have to deal with the life and times of one person on a weekly basis.

I thought I might give this a try and see if less housework might give us some extra time. The normal stuff I can do, but it is things like ovens and fridges and scrubbing floor tiles that take too long.

I am still looking for a part time weekday nanny but if I have the housework under control, I feel there is no rush on the nanny front.

A happy contented family makes everything so much easier!

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  1. It is good to have family time. We went fishing on Saturday and had a blast. It is nice though when Liam decides he wants to play in his room a bit. Off he goes and DH and I can watch something, well, at least for 30 minutes.
    Yay on finding a cleaning service. Like you said, at least you won’t have to get involved in anyone else’s life. I hope it works out for you.
    Glad you had a good time

    • Did you manage to catch any fish? We are complete amateurs and no one even asks if we caught anything. With all the rocks throw into the water by us, I would be surprised if there are any fish ever nearby.
      Honeybear is not one to play out of sight yet.
      I am so hoping the cleaning service works out.

      • Nope, we didn’t catch any fish. I don’t think we were there long enough and the only bait we had was periwinkles. I did have a few nibbles. The fish aren’t really that big in the little puddles we fish in, although there were some silver fishies having a bite. I think we more “go fishing” for the day out than to actually catch anything, although Liam insists that “when mom catches a fish” it must be braaied right there, on the beach, on a stick. He’s got it all down.

  2. I would love to know where you go to fish close to our part of the country. And yes, family time means the world to the whole family. We all gardened together yesterday and it did the world of good

    • Gardening is coming up for us as soon as we have the first rains. Honeybear loves the watering can and the gumboots.
      We went out to the same place we at previously, the Dinokeng camping site on Roodeplaat dam. It is safe and clean. We are going to give Harties a try next time and then maybe Naboomspruit when we have longer than just a weekend. Day fishing at Struben dam near Menlyn. We don’t catch fish, so I cannot say if they are good fishing spots, but they are pretty and so close to the city. Hubby has done Baja Dam too. We prefer places with electricity so we can boil a kettle for coffee.

      • We regularly walk the dogs at Struben dam – its in our backyard (almost). But I am sure those fish are radio active! LOL! But then I guess one would never eat them.

      • We used to walk at Struben regularly when I first moved to Pretoria, I could be found there almost every Saturday afternoon reading and crocheting. We never eat the fish we catch…catch and release except for sea fish.

  3. So glad you guys had a great weekend 🙂 Family time is always good for everyone in the family …
    My brother is an avid fisherman … when we were in Durbs he was off to the beach in the wee hours and would be home with fish fresh from the sea which mum would fry up for breakfast. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t even know how to cast a line into the water and definitely wouldn’t know what to do with an actual squirming fish 🙂

    Hope the maid service works out for you. Would at least lighten your load a bit.

    • Hubby has tried to fish once at the river mouth in Durban. My Dad took him out to fish. Here in Pretoria we just fish in the dams and we have ever caught one fish (which we threw back in..we believe in catch and release)
      I must say, going with Hubby, I too have tried myhand a few times and I am beginning to enjoy it. The dam is calm, so casting is not such a huge deal as trying to cast while standing in the waves or a boat.

    • I find we seem to disconnect sometimes as life catches up to us. The weekend away here and there or some kind of dedicated family time is essential for us.

  4. Sounds like it was wonderful family time and it was just lovely!
    I also don’t like someone under my feet all day to clean, and frankly I feel bad if I sit and work on the pc and she has to do hard work… hence I’m doing everything myself and almost killing myself in the process. Also looked at a cleaning team to come and do it quickly, but they wanted to charge me R350 which is a bit steep YOH!

    • The cleaning services originally quoted me R390,00. I sent them a mail saying thank you very much for their time but it was outside my budget…and then they wanted to know what I wanted to pay…and agreed to do it according to my budget. So I am hoping this works out.

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