Glue might work?


Yesterday afternoon I was stuck in two hours of traffic to drive the 8kms to Honeybear’s school. There was a major accident on the N1 and I happened along to get caught in the traffic.

It is amazing how some people just cannot be bothered that we are all stuck there and do not just happen to be sitting on the highway because we have nothing better to do. Is it really necessary to be an idiot on top of it all? Driving in the emergency lane is not on…there is a fatal accident up ahead…the emergency people need to get to them. Do not block the road. Also, will it kill you to let me into traffic? I get onto the on-ramp and there is traffic ahead. I have to merge from the on ramp into the highway…if I do not, I will end up in the concrete barrier on the side. Surely letting me in, is not going to make you any later?

Anyway, I managed to get Honeybear and we still had to do shopping for the weekend. He was a perfect angel. Yesterday he and I were like conjoined twins. We did everything together. He did not make one unhappy peep the entire time. This morning we were once again glued to each other, with only slight unhappiness about waking for school. I spoke about the fishing trip and the things we would do and he was convinced enough to get moving and hasten through the day.

I spoke to his teacher this morning, and I am ashamed to say I started crying too. She said he is actually one of the better behaved kids in the group and is polite. His only issue is that he will not do anything he does not want to do. He is clear upfront about what he wants and he sticks with it. She said, in her opinion , his tantrums is not out of the ordinary. It helped (and I am really ashamed to admit this)…that when I walked in the school gate this morning, there was another little boy throwing a huge tantrum.

So hopefully we can tone down the screaming sessions and just be better which each other.

I know Sharon mentioned telling white lies to the kiddies to get them moving. I have tried not to do this and I am strict about it. I do not know if it is the right way or the wrong way. I know sometimes it il make life easier, and I have watched my Mom do it my whole life, and I do not think the practice damages children in any way. Hubby and I had huge trust issues for a while, and I think maybe my stance on the white lies is coloured by our experiences.

In happy news, the whole family is looking forward to a camping fishing weekend. There seems to be rain forecast, but we are not too worried, we have a decent tent so we should be fine. We must just be more careful with the camp site setup.

This time I am looking forward to open fire cooking and I have planned better. Hubby has left it to me this time and while he does help, I am the more adventurous cook.

Enjoy the weekend all!


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  1. Blegh on the traffic, and here in PE we moan because it takes us 30 minutes to get home. The traffic here is definately getting worse though, but not as bad as JHB. I can’t imagine being stuck on the highway for soooooo long. Yes, some drivers are absolute pigs. I believe in being a bit courteous, I mean, like you said, is it really going to make you later if you let that 1 car in?
    Yay for being stuck together like glue. Gosh, kids can make us pull our hair out. Shame man, bless HB, maybe he was having a bad day / week. It’s always good to talk to the teachers, afterall, they probably spend more time with our children than we do. I also believe that Liam is an absolute darling at school. I’m not sure who I bring home some evenings though because he ain’t no darling, LOL.
    Have fun with the camping, enjoy the break, if it is that. I find it too much effort. DH is talking about going fishing tomorrow. Last time we went I stood there fishing for rock guppies whilst DH and Liam through rocks at me. Lovely 🙂

    • I have learned to keep good music in my car, and I am lucky it does not happen too often. There has been huge attention on road rage here in Gauteng for the last few weeks.
      I know what you mean, i get told how well behave my child is, and when I told the afternoon teacher about the morning fiasco she did not believe me.
      Go fishing. We buy stones for HB to throw into the water. Hubby and I both fish…not that we are very good at all, we have not caught anything. But we both cast lines into the water and sit and chat or play with HB. HB has his own baby rod too.
      Though fishing in the dam is very different from fishing in the sea.

      • I was wondering why would you buy stones to throw in the water, but then realised that it’s not like you have a beach to pick them up from. See, I told you you should move down here 🙂
        Liam has his own little rod too. The thing drives me up the wall, we have to hide it from him because he likes to play with it in and around the house. Last year he was outside by the pond when it got stuck in one of the trees and he was trying to pull it lose and fell into the pond. Fortunately I was right there, but it was July and the water was bloody freezing. And the poor Koi probably wondered what was going on.

      • The last time we did not take stones, Honeybear pulled up the stones from the neighbouring camp site and threw it all into the water…so the people who came the next day had no fire-pit to use.
        I can just see the confused Koi….you just gave me a horrible idea…when we visit the in laws we can let HB fish in MIL koi pond…we might never be invited back 🙂

      • LOL at fishing in MIL’s koi pond. That might just work, but I think the deal breaker would be if you actually caught one, built a braai in their front garden, and roasted it on a stick.

  2. Ah, you are sounding so much happier! And I know your weekend will be fab, rain or not! Enjoy, recuperate from the rough week and reconnect as a little family!

  3. HB and I have something in common: we are clear upfront about what we want! I think that is GOOD! 🙂
    Oh please don’t get me started on traffic.. I can’t stand when people make an additional turning lane when we have ALL been sitting in the queue waiting to turn. I can’t stand it when people don’t say thank you for giving them a gap, what does it cost you just to say thanks! It’s soooooo annoying!!!!!

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