Resolutions and hoping for a magical nanny


Work has been so extremely crazy. I have been stressed and nuts and having a birthday, while trying to organise Honeybear’s birthday…I think I was ready to drop. Today, for the first time I cried at work. They sent me a long email implying non-performance and I was flabbergasted, after all the time I have put in. So I wrote back and then I asked for a meeting and we had a long long long meeting. Which was so good. We spoke about everything and we have cleared up misunderstandings. Long story short: they have said it was them that explained things wrong and they are happy with me, and we agreed on a review in 3 months time. The good thing: they see the workload has become too much and we will fix that. So good things have come from it all.

I was also asked to not to anymore work at home, and to just take time to play with my baby.

This evening Honeybear and I are going to have some fun and when he goes to sleep, I have to start on the Spidey capes. I can finally have some time to work on this stuff.

Honeybear and I are also getting along a little better, with me not trying to work and take care of him. Hubby suggested we get in an afternoon Nanny to help out every afternoon and on Saturdays. This way I can work when I have to, and the nanny is there, and when I am not working, the nanny can help out with the dishes or laundry.

I feel like I am inadequate, requiring a nanny while I am home. However, I realise I need the help. I really do, because I am falling apart trying to do it all myself. Hubby works such long hours, he cannot help like I need him too. If I can worry less about the housework, I can spend more time with my baby.

The big thing is, is where do I find someone who is willing to work these odd hours? Also, am I up to nanny interviews again? We tried it when we were pregnant, and after three, I gave up and booked a spot at the day care. Will I survive having a strange woman in my space? I have no patience with hovering people. I also do not want to deal with a person wanting things from me. I just want someone who understands she is an employee and that is that. She must not be offended by me.

I am daunted by trying this out, and I suspect I may give up before I even start this whole process. The agencies are not much better, and I have sent emails anyway.

I wish I could wave a wand and just get everything done.


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  1. Oh good to hear you’ve had a chat at work. Good that they see that your work load has reached unmanageable levels and also nice that they said you need time to be with HB at home. They sound very understanding.
    Sometimes it’s hard for us to accept that we can’t do everything ourselves, that we do need help. There is no shame in admitting it.
    Maybe HB’s daycare can point you in the direction of a Nanny?
    Hugs MC, have a good day

    • I know, it is time to say I am not keeping up here. I have spoken to the day care and they said they know someone who would be suitable. I also spoke to my neighbor who always has a family member as a nanny.

  2. So glad it turned out to be a misunderstanding regarding the performance etc. You work so hard, I’m not surprised that you were upset enough to cry! And it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since you had a meeting and they agree you shouldn’t work at home and that they will lighten your load a bit. All good things.

    Spidey capes sound cool … definitely post pics of those when you’re done 🙂

    It is really hard to accept and admit that we can’t do it all … I admit it freely now but back when we first got help, it definitely was a BIG step. Just keep in mind that a happier and more relaxed you will basically mean a happier and more relaxed home in general 🙂

    Good luck with the nanny hunt … it is definitely not easy and usually you don’t get the perfect nanny to start with and you have to work with them to get them to do things the way you want … no one you interview will be quite as magical as Mary Poppins sadly

  3. Big hugs…sorry you had a hard time at work, but glad you had a good talk with them and there is some solutions.
    Good luck with the nanny hunt… We are super moms, but can’t perform miracles…we need help. Like Jamie says when I ask him to pick up his toys “I have two hands not four ” LOL

  4. Wish good luck with nanny hunting.Everytime I think I cannot cope and need help then I realize how much I don’t like help and someone in my house.Hope you find someone that fits in soon.

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