Pre weekend


I was in such a foul mood yesterday, I think it has to do with me not sleeping properly, having to drive into JHB and back home again and just a little irritation at work.
I decided I could not bring myself to cook as well, so I just bought dinner at the local Checkers and went home. Honeybear was a little star and I had a little nap on the couch next to him while he watched the Smurfs.
Hubby was on his late shift so it was all me last night. I could not face laundry either (so guess what I was doing early this morning). Just as I was getting Honeybear to the bathroom….MIL calls. I had to be nice and talk to her in a civilised manner. Deblet commented on one of my posts that it is better to just not have expectations about the in laws And she was so right. I feel better and it is easier to let things go if there are no expectations.
I was a little miffed at the things she requested I send to her from Pretoria. So I guess I will have to go shopping this afternoon to get the things she requested. They are more expensive, but since they are not visiting us, then I guess I can buy the things she wanted. I wonder when she will realise it is me that puts together her little packages and not Hubby. The reason for her call….she is knitting Honeybear a jersey and she wants to know what is his size. I realised then that she is just old now. She does not have the same sense of time maybe, because winter will be over by the time the jersey is knitted and sent to us. I always wanted a granny who would knit things for my child, but it never materialised, so I became the mother that made blankets and boots and toys. I think it is important for children to appreciate the love it takes to make something for them. Poor Hubby is still expecting them to come visit…he will feel better about it sometime.
More work awaits in my future this weekend, but at least Hubby is home to help with Honeybear. I really need to get all this extra work under control. I feel a little torn between home and work. I also want to make a test batch of cookies I want to do for Honeybear’s birthday.
One of the Mom’s asked me what I was doing for his birthday (Honeybear and her little boy share a birthday and are in the same class). She said she sees all these party packs we get from the other kids. I told her I would do the cookies again because it seems to go down well with the kids (and I the parents). I asked if she had big plans. She said if I was getting the cookies, she would organise the cake.
One of the other parents had organised a Jumping Castle for the kids yesterday. It was their daughter’s birthday. I thought that was a fun idea. Not this year though. Honeybear’s class does not play in that playground yet.
Hoping my cookies turn out well and I do not have to agonise about it too much. I also have the containers to make, but that should be pretty easy because I made the cookie containers last Christmas.
I am trying to eat my salad lunch with a plastic spoon. Did not bring my own fork and now I have to use a spoon.


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  1. Sorry to say but I find MIL attitude a bit arrogant! She doesn’t want to visit you but you have to put together a package for her filled with expensive stuff! Ghhmphf – you are a better person than me.

    Enjoy the baking!

  2. Yeah your MIL really has some nerve right?? Can’t be bothered to come visit but demanding specific items. Grrrrrr ….
    I think cookies or little cupcakes work great for little kids …

    Funnily enough I had a salad lunch on Wednesday and forgot a fork … went to our canteen to get a plastic fork but they were all out! So I tried eating it with a spoon, gave up and used my fingers! 🙂

    Have a great weekend … hope the work gets under control!

  3. What can you get in Pretoria that she can’t get in “my end of the world”? Shame man, maybe it is just because she’s old. I remember my Nan got a little “otherwise” but we was like 85. I doubt your MIL is that old. Some people don’t even realise that they are inconveniencing others.
    Good luck with the cookies and the party planning.

    • Nothing…I am going to Bakers Bin. The difference is that I will pay for it if I get it. She is not that old, but I think maybe she is heading the Alzheimer way.
      I will post some pics if they turn out well.

  4. Sheesh – maybe its just old age, some ‘older’ people think the world owes them… something!
    Goodluck with the package this month, Im sure it wont be done with a happy heart…

    Kids love cookies, anything they can hold themselves and packed with Sugar! I myself have been dying to try out a sugar biscuit recipe – Jessica can help decorate! Also have a chocolate & nougat cookie recipe – I keep buying the ingredients (main ones chocolate & nougat) keeps disappearing…down DH throat! lol

    have a great weekend!

    • I did the No Fail Sugar Cookie for Honeybear’s birthday last year, and I decorted with a glaze. The colour was a bit yellow because I used golden syrup. They dried and were easy enough to do. This year I am going to try with a meringue powder and make royal icing. It is fun, but my poor back!
      Post your recipe, choc and nougat sound delicious.

      • I did Christmas cookies once, a cinnamon something, decorated with royal icing (just eggwhites & icing) was very delicious… they didn’t make it to Christmas though!
        I will post the choc&nougat biscuits – I love those Angel biscuits with the nougat in – whats better than homemade!

  5. I’m glad my advise on in laws helped it really helped our relationship with ours and we are better for it now they are older they have started to appreciate us much more.
    Wish MIL sounds soooo ‘delightful’ you are a good DIL to get her what she wants.

  6. What in the world is wrong with your in-laws?! Although, mine is not much better, but in a whole different way. I swear you tell people stuff and its just like they ignore you or something. Let me get off my high horse…

    Some days the housework just gets a bit much, I actually cried the other day because of it, it feels as if it just never ends 😦

    I would really love to get back into this blogging thing, just need to find the time for it, work is driving me nuts 😦

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