Wednesday mush


Work has been a little crazy for the last few days and I have been working all day and all evening. It has been a bit of war zone in our house, with get whatever you can. Dinners have been whatever I can throw together as soon as possible. Weirdly enough, Honeybear has been eating better without any fussiness. I guess my quick meals must be good enough.

I had plans to start putting together some things for Honeybear’s birthday but it was not to be. I guess I will see how things go this week and I will fit it in where I can.

At least we have a photographer, and we should have some nice family photos out of the whole exercise.

With all the work going in our house, Honeybear is feeling a little neglected, so yesterday afternoon it was just the two of us, cuddling and enjoying being together.

I have two family members who have just had babies and I was again asked about when we are adding a second child. The crazy work I have been doing, just brought home again, how life as a working mother is not easy. Do I really want two kids? My work is usually fairly easy going, but we have times, like now, where I just need to put in the extra time. Do I really want to tear myself into more pieces? I also have to remember I have a child already who has to figure into all calculations we do. How does a second child affect his life? How will I care for him if I end up with another C-section? Will we still be able to afford all the things we do now? Will our plan for private school still be possible?

I just do not want to hear another word about a second child, mostly because hubby and I are still undecided.

That child being killed in Reigers Park has me in tears every time I hear about it in the news. That family must be so crushed. How does a family recover from something like this? Will that mother question whether she could have done something to save her child? How does a mother survive after watching your child be dragged to his death? I heard the mother on the radio today saying how she has let God take over because she cannot do it herself. To have such faith must be a great thing. I am not that kind of person to just let go and let things be. The one little prayer that always touches me and reminds me of myself is the serenity prayer. A few lines with such powerful words that speak to me.

Gosh I am feeling mushy now. Have a great day all.


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  1. Yoh, I know those kinds of days, when you just get home and chuck something together. Hotdogs regularly save the day
    I think to me having another child is purely a financial decision and a little bit off the “I’m too old now, do I really want to take the risk”. Thing is, kids are expensive and not just the baby faze. We want to be able to afford to give Liam the very best in life and that costs money.
    I heard that mum on the radio. It must be so heartbreaking and to actually see it happen. I don’t think I could handle it. May God bless her and her family.
    Hugs MC

  2. The Reiger park story is so very very close to home. We have running friends from Reiger park and we are supporting their charity to try and make Reiger park more active – the thinking is that active people don’t do drugs. So I’m in tears every time I read something on the FB page. That mum is amazing – I saw her on TV last night and her strength took my breath away, it just shows you how much strength are hidden in ordinary people.

    I hear you about the second child – school fees, medical aid, bigger house etc etc. It is such a hard decision.

  3. The Reiger Park story has been on my mind (probably on everybody’s mind country mind) since I heard it on Monday morning when I balled my eyes out in the car on the way to work. I keep thinking that if I’m feeling so heartbroken about it, how must the mother who watched her child being dragged away and heard him scream help mummy (or something to that effect) feel. So tragic. I have a second child on the way and where I must admit not having started worrying about the how’s as in how we’re going to afford it etc., my husband is constantly worried about it!!

  4. Oh gosh that story has touched us all. And yes, decide for yourself but I am an only child and I can tell you that it’s really crappy being an only child – even more so the older I (and my mom) gets. I wish I had siblings. Good luck with all the work

  5. I also get irritated about the second child thing. (Did you not know how long it took to conceive the first?!) By the way thanks so much for that comment on my post. It really helped to hear someone else has been there.

  6. Its heartbreaking the Reiger Park hijacking… I mean the kid was a year older than Jessica… I was also in tears – if they ever catch who did it, I dont think he will make it to jail…

    We have a great service, via school. Its a NGO that run a catering company , and they are doing prepacked/ cooked meals for Moms like us. They deliver at school, so you pick up your meal with your child. The food is great and at R35p/meal, its a bargain too. Its healthier, and its the kind of food that takes long to make, so its nice and different to our normal ‘fare’… 🙂 tonight is chicken pie and veg – best thing is Jessica loves it too! She gets very excited if there’s a bag for us to take home!

  7. The Reiger Park story made my heart ache … I could not even imagine how the mum was feeling and coping with everything. It’s unfathomable …

    Shame man! I always hate it when people feel they are entitled to needle others about having kids etc. It’s really none of their business … you do what you feel is best for your family!

    Hope work calms down a bit soon ….

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