Party ideas


My legs are a little rubbery this morning. I thought it was time to up that exercise into something a bit more. It was a bit tough, but I felt good knowing and feeling I am becoming fitter. Next week will be the real test…

These last three weeks it has not been too tough to exercise in the mornings because I can wake later and leave home later. However, school holidays are done on Monday and I have to leave home earlier to beat the traffic. So we will see how well I do.

Honeybear is doing well. He has been enjoying the school holiday programme and is settled into the routine. Our home routine is mostly fine and I am trying to be better and scold less. I try to head off any unhappiness and just go with his flow because it makes life happier for all of us. I did say I am trying….I am a control freak so this is not easy….I see Honeybear has some of those OCD genes in there too. Hubby giggles at me and says I will now see what it is like to live with me J

Hubby is busy and yesterday was so upset he even cried a little. Those in laws of mine are really being hurtful. I feel bad for hubby because it is his parents and if I feel offended, he must feel worse.

Yesterday he called and spoke to them and they finally came out with: we do not want to come to your house for a visit. At least we have a definite now. Their reason? They do not want to leave their house in case someone breaks into the house. SIL who lives with them, house sits everyone else’s house in the little dorpie. So I cannot see how she would not house sit her own parent’s house. The excuse is so weak, as to be insulting. When we explained why it would be better for them to come to us and not vice versa, they could not be bothered. FIL asked Hubby to come without me and just bring Honeybear for a visit. Hubby just left it at that. How does he drive all that way without a backup driver, with a three year old in the car?

I think Hubby is willing to try one more phone call today, when he is feeling less emotional and see what happens.

I think I am going with Helen’s idea: We use the money we saved to throw Honeybear a fancy third birthday party and get him some great birthday gifts. I shall include some photos in their next care package. Yep, I have my evil streak. We will visit them, maybe when Honeybear is little older and can sit in a car for 4 hours at a time for two days.

I think I have now spent enough blog space on the in laws…so onto happier things: Honeybear’s birthday. I am looking forward to it. We ill just host five other kids and their parents. We are only doing tea so I am not concerned with food and catering. One menu only so both adults and kids eat the same thing. We are going with a Spiderman theme so it should be easy enough, because it is a popular theme.

Hubby is confident that he can produce the cake I want (Mama wants not Honeybear).

I will make cookies for the party favours. We are just doing decorated cookies and I will sew some Spiderman masks and cloaks. I know Spiderman does not wear a cloak, but I can see it working (not my idea…saw it on the internet) Nothing else. I see what happens to party packs. There are only five kids, so the sewing is going to be quick and I love to sew.

We will just use the gardens at the Estate we live at. The idea is picnic party and there is a huge sandpit and jungle gym. If all else fails, the kids will enjoy playing there for the afternoon.

We have decided on face-painting (done by me, because I love doing it)

A ball, never goes wrong

I will take along play dough and colouring in things, but I am not sure they will work outside, the kids would probably prefer to run.

And of-course the Spiderman piñata

I saw some very nice obstacle web-string games, but I do not know if the kids will go for it, especially outside where there are probably going to be other kids floating around. I am not one to bat off strange kids, but neither do I want to entertain a whole bunch of uninvited kids.

If the in laws decide not to come at all, then maybe we will use a proper party venue, but I am not sure about those. I am just thinking kiddies party like we used to have when we were little.

Still have a little time to decide. I love organising these things.


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  1. Big hugs to you and Hubby – shew it must hurt a lot to know that your parents care so little about you and your loved ones.

    Wow your party ideas sound really good – a garden party is such a novelty these days because everybody wants to have the best and smartest parties and all the kids want to do is run around on a sugar high! 🙂

    • The parties can get out of hand I think. I just found out you can hire party planners too, though they seem to do wonderful things, it seems too much for my three year old who just wants to run around screaming.
      I can understand hiring a venue because of the clean up and space restrictions.
      Thanks RM, I appreciate the support.

  2. Yay on the exercise, take it easy thought.
    I’m loving the traffic in the mornings. We can leave the house at 7 and still get to Liams’ school at 7.15. We usually have to leave at 6.30am. Next week back to normal.
    Good grief, the in-laws don’t sound very nice, especially asking that hubby leave you behind. Not that it matters, but who is what race in the relationship? You don’t have to answer, I’m just curious.
    I would totally use the money on Honeybear, why not.
    LOL, isn’t it always the cake that Mommy wants, haha. Can’t wait to see Hubby’s cake.
    Many of the party venues have a minimum amount of kids they’ll set up for. Liam’s one was a minimum of 20, so if you are having just 5 perhaps the Gardens is a good idea, almost like a picnic.
    The party ideas sound great, when can I expect an invite.
    HUGS MC, we love you still, don’t fret about the IL’s (I know it’s easy to say)

    • Helen, I think my danger is I might take the exercise too easy.
      I know, We have to start leaving home at 6h30 too. I do not mind me but my poor baby is not a morning person and struggles to wake up. I like to let him sleep until he wakes naturally.
      My in laws are special. Lol. I do not mind your question and I am not sure what the politically correct terms are here but we a blog buddies so I should be safe: Hubby is a blonde and blue-eyed white boy and I am a dark haired, dark eyed Indian girl (which makes for a gorgeous child, if I do say so myself 🙂 )
      There is a petting zoo near our place that prices per child and adult, but I am not wild about partying with the fragrance of manure about the place. I might just stick with garden, we have done it before so I know what to expect (and it is free)
      You can definitely expect an invite, if you agree to fetch the in laws on way up to PTA 🙂 They live out your end of the world.

      • LOL on taking it too easy. You know my back has gotten much worse since I stopped exercising. It really is worth it.
        Hehe, I’m a blonde, blue-eyed white person myself, although I’m not a boy, teehee. I used to be friends with a couple such as yourselves back in day. Very beautiful Indian lady. You did send me a pic of HB once, but I’m sure he’s changed so much. Wonder why people are so funny about the new south africa? DH is a bit racist and I don’t like the things he’s teaching Liam. I can only try to combat it with words like “everyone is the same, give everyone an equal chance and then make up your mind.
        Yes, I’m not into the whole “eat at the zoo” kind of parties. I don’t get it. Don’t parents realise that the kids are putting all those animal germs in their mouths with the cake and sweets? Fortunately we only had 1 “zoo party” last year.
        Oooh, the IL’s live in my end of the world hey, you must send me pics so I can tell them what a fab DIL they have, pfft.

      • One of my besties in England (Indian girl) married a proper Englishman with the reddish skin, light hair and blue eyes. Goodness their kids are skin with light brown hair and blue eyes. So I can just assume that Honeybear be gorgeous as well.

  3. Party Planning – yay! Its always fun. Superman is super – you find stuff everywhere!
    I love the picnic in the park idee – and there’s lots for the kids to do too, at 3 yrs old, they just need to be entertained – nothing fancy required!

    HUbby bakes?? Lucky girl…. My DH only comes to the kitchen to eat! More like grazing these days.

    My comment still stands for the previous post on the MIL… Goodluck still if they do come visit, if they dont – enjoy the shopping! 😉

    • Hubby is a trained baker with about 13 years of baking experience. I am a lucky woman.
      I know, the three year olds will not appreciate fancy details. Which is why I thought the capes and eye-masks wold tickle their fancy. I could send a set to Jessica.

  4. The party sounds fab! My kind of party! And you sew??! How awesome! I wish I could sew!! Sorry about the in law drama.. its so difficult, isn’t it.. sighhhh…

  5. Good luck with the party arrangements,I always do parties at home with old fashioned games and the kids love it.
    Hope Hubbie makes peace with his parents and their choices.We went through a rough patch with the in laws years back and we decided not to have any expectations of them,that way they cannot disappoint us…….it’s hard in the beginning but makes for a happier outcome for you both.

    • Thanks Deblet, that is great advice, to not have expectations in the first place.
      I miss old fashioned parties…some parties are so fancy I feel like I must be doing something wrong.

  6. So sorry about the in-laws MC! Must really hurt hubby to have his own parents treat him this way! Love and hugs to you all!!

    The party sounds fabulous 🙂 At this age the kids do prefer to just run around and play madly 🙂 This last party was the first one we had at a venue, but even with the older kids I didn’t plan any activities except for the pinata and the kids had a ball just running around and playing. I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest for balloon pinata’s … fill balloons with treats and confetti and hang them up … each child picks one and gets to pop it 🙂 Gonna try it for Mister’s party … cos at the girls party the bigger kids got way more treats than the poor smaller ones …

    My BFF is a dark skinned, dark eyed Indian girl married to a green-eyed man from CT we often call translucently pale 🙂 …. and their son (my Godson) is simply eatable he’s so cute … so I know how ridiculously cute HB must be 🙂

    I love party planning 🙂 Venues are nice because there’s no clean-up but I find that most are really over-priced. This place I found in Krugersdorp is amazingly well priced … but its all the way in Krugersdorp! Good luck with the party 🙂

    • Yes, I saw that pinata idea, I am just worried about the balloons in the mouth…there is one little guest who sticks everything in her mouth. I thought I would do the papier mache way over the balloon so that I can pop the balloon and remove it before I fill in the treats. I like the individual idea.
      For 5 kids we would be spending too much on a party venue. We just want to sit around outside and have a break while the kids can run screaming.

  7. I think your party idea sounds perfect for 5 kids and their parents. No need for a venue and they will certainly enjoy it.

    Sorry about the in laws. I am blessed with the best in that department so it always shocks me slightly when someone has nasty ones.

    • I really hope I can get things done, as our work is already heading into crazy season.
      The in laws are not so nasty, I do know they are good people too.

  8. Big hugs to you… can’t be easy to have inlaws like that 😦
    Oh wow, your party planning sounds so exciting! Honeybear is going to love it! 5 Kids is perfect for a party – just saw with Jamie’s party on Saturday – any more is just too much. I had 12 and it felt like all I did was run around, my head was spinning and I tried so hard to talk to everyone, I barely managed. Luckily the little dude had fun.

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