Another one of those boring posts


It has been a crazy week and I think I have not commented, even if I have read. I will drop by to catch up.

I have decided to do a post about trying to make a different lifestyle work. I know there are so many of these posts around, they are boring, but it helps me keep track of everything.

The LCHF eating has become a way of life mostly. I was sceptical at first because it looked like too much fat and meat. I am not sure how everyone else is doing it, but I have found that I am actually eating a greater variety of vegetables than I used to. I think it comes from paying more attention to meals instead of flinging random things together because I am too tired to make dinner.

Hubby is such a great supporter. In fact he too has fallen partly into LCHF eating because I am doing it too. He likes the meals and has not fussed at all. Hubby is the one that keeps me supplied with all the wonderful veggies. Even things I have never eaten:


Shimeji mushrooms

Baby savoy cabbage

Broccoli and cauliflower


Fresh baby gherkins



He has also been buying milk on sale so I use it to make yoghurt and paneer which we all enjoy. I have about 15 blocks of cream cheese in the freezer too (we got these practically free). I know you are thinking one cannot freeze cream cheese and you are partly right. It cannot be used as is or for spreading because it loses texture. Like veggies, you can still use it for cooking without any loss of taste or texture. You can still use it for sauces or baking. There are advantages to Hubby working for one of the largest supermarket chains. Certain items are marked down and sold to staff only which is where we score on the price of food.

The exercise is going well and I am feeling better. I do not know if I have lost any weight because I have not weighed myself and I do not plan to do so. My weight never bothers me, it is my size. So I am happy just to fit comfortably into my clothes and not have to buy anything bigger.

I decided to track my food and exercise on one of these online diaries, but I think it is fake. According to that thing, I should really be losing weight effortlessly. I am apparently eating less calories than required for me, and my carb intake is averaging at 80g per day. I know all that sounds complicated, but the online tool works it out for you. I am pretty accurate with logging everything I eat and the formal exercise. I do not track walking up and down stairs or to the store as part of exercise. I guess I just assumed I ate too much bad stuff and the diary makes me realise my eating habits are not that bad. I think the big thing was stopping all the sugar in my tea. It all started when I was breastfeeding but I do not have that excuse anymore.

According to the diary, my biggest carb/sugar food is the milk I drink. I love milk so I am not sure if I would stop drinking milk.

My aim with the lifestyle is to be healthy because diabetes is a reality in my family with my sister (who is not overweight) being pre-diabetic and she is only 18 months older than me. My Mom is a confirmed diabetic who cannot get her blood sugar levels under control (she refuses to modify her eating and I know she is heading for insulin).

I think it is working for me and I do not feel restricted in what I eat. I am not terribly strict and I am not trying to make fake bread or pasta. That works for some but I do not have the time, budget or patience to make substitutes. Runnermom has been making some interesting things and I admire her perseverance. If I want bread, I will eat a slice every now and then. I think my aim is to maintain health.

Enjoy the weekend all. It is perfect cuddle weather.


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  1. Not a boring post at all! Wow lucky girl to get free cream cheese! I absolutely love it – have you tried mascarpone yet, that is like a mix between cream cheese and thick cream – yummy!

    Yep milk can be a big culprit – lactose is sugar but like you, I also drink a lot of it.

    Goodness it’s scary that diabetes is so big in your family. Do you know your chances of getting Alzheimers when you have diabetes is much bigger? Some researchers call Alzheimers type 3 diabetes.

    I’m on the same page as you with doing LCHF for health reasons and not just weight loss.

    And this is turning into a blog – those diary things confuse me!

    Have a lovely weekend – I’m thinking of going to the Irene market for some eggs and veggies!

    • I have eaten it in desserts, did not think about actually using it myself. Lol, some ingredients care me. Like creme fraiche (and then one day I read its description and realised that I have been doing almost the same thing without knowing)
      I guess, like bread, I could transition out of drinking milk, just not yet.
      That is a scary Alzheimhers stat!
      I use the fat secret diary and it is fairly easy to keep a diary, I just think the calcs are wrong.
      Enjoy Irene It is always an interesting walk. Stop by the Dairy farm if you have time.

  2. Who’s bored ? Not me. I love reading how you are making things work for you. That’s the thing about a “healthy eating plan” It should be about hard work. It should just be a change in thinking. And like you said, chucking things together in a pot for supper sometimes is our downfall. Meals need to be planned.
    I wouldn’t weigh myself either. You can feel it in your clothes whether you are losing weight.
    Diabetes runs in our families also, but in all cases it seems to have been brought on by a major operation or pregnancy. We must watch out for that. I do sometimes worry about DH because he has that large midsection and skinny legs which they say is a good sign of things to come.
    Have a lovely weekend, keep warm and hugs to all

    • My Mom started with diabetes in pregnancy and that is an indicator for a predisposition for diabetes later.
      For DH, can I suggest you become subversive. I did it to Hubby and because I asked him to be my cheerleader, he is eating less junk to help me. Also, make small changes he will not notice at first. I find big changes just make people unhappy. In two weeks I have got Hubby off sugar by sending him to the dentist. Who wants to be toothless?
      Thanks for reading.

      • Yeah, we keep sweets down to a minimum as it is because we don’t want Liam to eat too much junk. It’s good that DH stopped smoking this year.
        Baby steps hey.

  3. I’m so jealous over all that cream cheese! yum!
    I have not tried LCHF yet, but love Paleo which also means clean eating and we love it. Can be so creative with your cooking. Thinking of giving LCHF a go, the dairy would be a huge bonus, but scared of limiting my fruit, butternut and sweet potatoes as it became a staple in our house when we went Paleo…

    • I am reluctant to give up dairy because of the calcium requirements for women…there is only so much broccoli you can eat.
      I do miss the fruit, but I do eat fruit every so often as a treat for myself. I think with varying the veggies you can probably get enough of the goodness that fruit offers.
      I think the great thing about all this is, that we actually pay more attention to what we are eating and exercise. That is a mindshift I can definitely live with.

  4. Not boring at all… Loads of creamcheese at the fraction of the price – YES PLEASE! Also love that stuff! You are very lucky indeed. I always chech Checkers’ bargain bins, but they never have cheese in there… lol.
    As long as its healthy and you feel better – by all means!

    • They don’t sell marked down dairy to the public too often. There is the danger of someone coming back to complain they had food poisoning. They have to sell the stuff before the best before date. When it is too close to the date, they sell it to the staff at mark down prices. I am not too fussy and if it smells OK I eat it, so far I have been safe.

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