Anti-social kids


I was feeling a little sore with having just started the yoga routine and I decided to go for a walk instead to give my body a break. I have an almost three year old and he does not stay home alone just yet.

Honeybear received one of those little wheels on a stick toy from a work colleague. I was not about to take a bike out in the afternoon traffic. It worked out well, though not as fast a walk as I would have preferred. We walked 20mins and then there was the sand-pit and jungle gyms which I could not convince Honeybear to walk past. We stopped there for 20 mins so he could play.

I wanted to walk, and there were too many older kids there. I was uncomfortable about Honeybear playing were the older kids were throwing wet sand.

Anyway, I noticed my little one is even shyer than I thought. He played by himself and he avoided all other children. If there was a child in his path, he would turn and go the other way. He approached none of the kids, even the younger ones. He likes to climb, and even that, he would stop if he saw another child was already there. I was impressed that he could work out not to go down the slide if there was another child at the bottom or climbing up the slide.

He also does not go freely down the slide. He controls his descent with his feet. He does not like the swings too much and does not like me to push too high.

I was very interested to see the way in which he plays. He is not interested in other children and will go out of his way to avoid them. At school I have only seen him play with one other child and I think it is because the two of them have been together since infancy.

I know kids at his age still do not play together, but he behaved like the other children did not exist or if he had to acknowledge them, he avoided them.

They tell me he plays well at school and is social, but I wonder.

After 20 mins it was getting cold so we walked back home.

The pizza I heated up for Honeybear’s dinner was so tempting. I love home-made pizza, but I have committed to giving LCHF a proper try. I had some fish instead. It tasted good, but I still wanted pizza. I eventually just left the kitchen. I could not trust myself to tidy up.

This morning I had to be up early to clean up the kitchen. Hubby had brought home some nice veggies for me so I made myself some stir-fried veggies for lunch with a bit of chilli. I made enough for dinner too, so the pizza will have no excuses to end up in my mouth. I felt like I had done so much by the time I arrived at work. I did the laundry, cooked, did dishes, did my yoga and increased the length of the exercise. I had Honeybear ready for school. By the time I arrived at the office I was ready to have a sit down.

This afternoon I am hoping to give Sharon’s cloud dough a try. Hubby is home “early” so I should have time to exercise while I wait for them to get out the shower this evening.

I really hope Hubby gets home early. I hate that he does not try harder. For me there is no competition. Home or work…I always choose home. I do not work any less hard than he does, I just know what is important to me.

I do not think Hubby loves us any less, but I do not quite understand why work comes first. He tells me it is because he knows he can trust me to take care of things at home…which is patronising. I work a full day and I still have to take care of things at home? I do not know if men and woman are different, but I just do not understand him often.

Since understanding is not a prerequisite for love, we are doing fine.

At least the soreness is gone away. The exercise must be doing good things for my brain because I felt so good this morning when I was done. I was just in a better mood. Even if I never get any slimmer, at least my brain is happy.


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  1. LOL, and why doesn’t your nearly 3 year old stay at home alone, “just yet”, sorry 🙂
    Don’t kids play next to each other rather than with one another when they are little? Liam has only just started playing with other kids but I wouldn’t call him shy.
    I remember before Liam, work was everything. Now my family is number 1. It’s good that my boss understands this.
    Yay on the exercising. In a week you’ll feel great, body & mind.
    Have a good one

  2. You are doing amazingly well with your commitment to LCHF and exercising, well done! I know it isn’t the easiest, especially in winter.

    Don’t worry about honeybear being antisocial at this age, the way I see it we are all different and it is okay to be shy 🙂 he’ll get better at social interactions the older he gets.

  3. Nicky also prefers to play by himself, I think he is used to it and feels more comfortable that way. I was a loner at preschool that’s why they suggested I go to a single sex school which did help.
    Good for you with the exercise and dieting!
    Thanks for the long comment on my blog about the weaning. I am still nursing and not getting there, just getting sippy cups and books but he is having a lot less, it is really the getting to sleep without the boob that is the problem now. Thanks for the suggestions…

    • You are right, the sleep is the major thing with weaning, for both Mom and baby. I found dropping the feed with the daytime nap first then the night time sleeping seemed to work better, both with breast feeding and later when we weaned away the dummy. Good Luck, you know it will not be forever.

  4. Well done on the exercising 🙂 Always the hardest part for me … I really don’t enjoy exercising at all, though I do enjoy how I feel after … during I’m usually hating every second! 🙂

    Don’t worry about HB … I think it’s quite normal for his age.

  5. Catching up today… 🙂
    Goodluck with the yoga & exercise, you are better than I am… Did 10 squats this morning, laughed at myself!

    Guess men and women are wired differently, family will always be first. Although it is a delicate juggling act if you have to work from home (which I need to do at times)

    Im sure Honeybear will make good friends in good time, no need to worry yet! Jessica has had friends at school for a while now. She’s more attached to them, than they to her (if that makes any sense). When we are out and about, she stays clear of the big kids, as she has been bumped over, or jumped in/on by them. She can play with herself, but also makes friends if they approach her. She’s now at the age where she has imaginary friends – its actually quite cute! I have to keep the car door open so everyone can get in or out, dish extra for them…. I play along!

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