I have made my small start…


I am sore this morning. The last two days I started exercising. I am happy that I started, but I feel muscles that seem to be in bad places. To be honest, it actually feels good to know those muscles are still there to be exercised, since it has been so long.

I decided to start with what I know and what I know works for me. So for now I am going to stick with the yoga. I am hoping once I have worked the yoga into my life again, I can add walking. Walking outside at 4 in the morning is just not happening right now. It is cold and dark and I have not been able to psyche myself up to do it.

The yoga I can fit into my day without it requiring too much right now. It is also something that takes things at my pace and I can increase the intensity as I get fitter.

So wish me luck!

Hubby, in order to motivate me, has offered as the first step prize: A visit to the hair salon for everything they have on offer that I want. If you know me, I never have patience or time for the salon. I have Honeybear with me all the time and it is not the kind of place you can sit at with a fidgety child. I would like to get my hair into a decent state again. Hair straighteners do not work on it, curling stuff does not work on it, I think it is time I have proper advice on what to do with my hair which does not seem to accept any styling (or is this a lie I tell myself?) I am tired of needing to use half bottle of hairspray to make my hair stay where I need it to.

Just feeling better about myself is enough motivation for me to stick with this exercise, but I am not going to say no to hubby.

Thank you all for the supportive replies in my last post. Knowing Hubby wants another child, I have to be honest and admit I do feel a bit of pressure (even if he is not pushing me). We talked about it again yesterday and we agreed to leave it until the end of the year and then we can re-assess what we are both feeling. I feel better about leaving it alone, but I know I will not stop thinking about it. I am wondering if I should still prep anyway because I know I will not forgive myself for not being prepared. The last time we did everything we could: visits to the doc, blood tests, vitamins, finances, house, baby gear…everything we could think of to make sure we were ready. The doc and blood tests I had done in March so I think I can tick that of the list. It will not kill me take vitamins, but I do not want to give hubby false hope…I am still not sure. I hate myself right now.


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  1. Yay for exercise! It makes you feel so much better
    I have no hair advise. I have dead straight hair and am very much a wash and go kind of gal. My hairdryer only comes out when it’s really cold in the mornings and I haven’t been to the hairdressers for over a year.
    Good luck with whatever decision you make with regards the baby thing. Won’t “preparing” for it put more pressure on you. Here again I can’t really talk because I kind of forgot about it after being off the pill for more than 4 years and then it happened.
    Keep us posted on all your news. Excited about the exercise, yay, yay

    • The last time I used my hair dryer, was to clean out ice in the freezer. Lol.
      You are right about the preparing thing…I have been putting off going to the pharmacy with the most lame excuses.

  2. Hooray on the exercise – I looooove yoga! Just don’t get time to do it.

    Hair is not my strong point – mine is either in a ponytail or straightened with the GHD.

    Hmmm still no news on the baby front. Waiting waiting waiting.

    Do what is right for you about baby number 2. It is a very tough decision to make.

  3. We are also talking about the 2nd child. And mostly Im pertified. How does one cope with 2 kids – some days it doesnt go well at all with just 1, nevermind 2! We also have to (want to) decide this year still, cant leave it too long. 40 is around the corner for hubby… even Jessica is asking for a baby sister or brother, makes it even harder! Finances is also a big concern, somehow need an extra R4000 p/m. And my work doesnt do maternity pay…. Lotto anyone?
    Im sure in good time you will make the decision re a 2nd kid – dont feel bullied into it, if its not what you want!

    Women and our hair. When I was young, I had dead straight hair, the past 3-4yrs its turned curly… and I dont know how to manage it,. been growing it, but not using it like i could! Been thinking of cutting it shorter again…

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