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This cold would not let me go so I had to have another day off to try to sleep it all away (which worked). Honeybear and I had the weekend to ourselves and we decided to just vegetate a bit. A bit of TV, some time on the floor with blocks and Lego and bit of colouring in. He can now understand the concept of colour in the lines, but does not yet possess the co-ordination to hold the crayon and make it move where he wants it to move.

He has grown even more attached to me, and while I love the kisses and grabbing my hand, I also worry that we are working hubby out of the relationship.

Hubby is having a contentious relationship with Honeybear at the moment. They are at the fighting stage still. While Honeybear and I still fight, we understand each other better. We spend so much time together, we know what will set the other of. I can head of a tantrum (most times)…hubby cannot see it coming. Honeybear understands my tone of voice and is likely to respond sooner. The reward thing is working really well and he knows the box is sitting up there filled with goodies. With me, I can offer one reward and he understands it is one. With Papa he pushes and pushes and will throw a tantrum for another one. Poor hubby, I think he is feeling a little on the outside, but I find it is always the case when he has been working all weekend. The two of them will catch up tonight and spend some time reconnecting.

I can see again, as I have my new glasses and I was amazed at how much I had been missing with the old glasses. I briefly toyed with the idea of using contact lenses again, but I am not keen on an eye infection, so I have left it for now.

The LCHF thing is going better. I am not at the point where I have cut out everything forbidden, but I am doing way better. I do not miss bread anymore (I do not know how long this will last). I have decided not to try to substitute, because nothing can live up to the real thing. I am not too strict, and I have allowed myself to use the weekends to “cheat” However, this weekend I did not feel the desire to cheat. I find that if I have planned ahead and have the right food available, I am less likely to be tempted to eat things I am trying not to indulge in too much.

I have also decided to not try to shop via recipe and to just stick with my original and usual shopping plan. We buy what is on sale and what is in season. I then decide what to cook with what I have available. I am not necessarily a brilliant cook, but I am an adventurous cook and I can make things up. They may not be good enough for restaurants, but then I am only feeding my family.

I find stews and soups are a great way to get all the veggies in. The same with stir-fried veggies. When I do not know what to cook, frittatas are quick and easy and everyone loves them. My rule is one protein and then to make the meal as colourful as possible. I figure, this way, I can make sure we are getting as many nutrients as we can. We are less likely to fall off the wagon if there is variety. These LCHF foods freeze better because there is less starch, as long as the dish does not have too many eggs. So I can make a double serving and freeze it for another time so we are not stuck eating the same meal for too long.

Hubby and Honeybear still eat bread and sugar etc, but not as much as they used to.  I do not think bread and sugar is evil, just something we need to moderate more.

We have bought a whole heap of cream cheese on sale and it has been helping me to make the food taste better. Eggs and cream cheese are great binders to hold thing together. I am not keen on eggy taste so the cream cheese is working really well.

On the cooking front, I have got my pressure cooking working again. While hubby was out shopping for a new one, I managed to find the spare parts and fix the old one in 2 minutes. Hubby was very impressed, because pressure cookers cost far more than they used to back in the day when we bought ours.

Work is getting busy and I my lunch is finished, so it is time to crack the whip. Take care all.

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  1. Hehe, sounds like your hubby and I are in the same boat as far as the kids are concerned, however, I feel I spend more time with Liam, but he still pushes ME more, not DH. Sometimes it’s good to let the boys go off on their own for a while, riding their bike or something.
    LOL at being able to see again. Wonderful ain’t it. We have to go to the optometrist again this year (every 2 years) and I know he’ll probably have to take my glasses in because I threw them at my office wall in a fit of rage a few months ago and the arm is stuck on with sellotape 🙂
    Yay on sticking to the “healthy eating” (diet is a swear word in my books)
    Gosh, I hear you on the pressure cookers being so expensive. I don’t like using ours. It’s just one of those things I’m poep scared of (that and a paper shredder)
    Have a lekker rest of Monday

    • I know my time as evil Mama will come around again, kids are like that, working through phases.
      Lol about the glasses. I was having to tighten the screw on the one lens almost every other day because I had sat on the thing one day and the lens would randomly pop out (good thing they are still thin enough to be plastic lenses)
      Pressure cookers are brilliant, everything cooks so much quicker! I remember the first time I used ours, we were newly weds and I decided to make a breyani to impress the Hubby…I stood there waiting for it to explode.
      Helen I hope your day is getting better.

  2. My Liam was very ma-vas for a very long time. In fact, if Hannah hadn’t come along and left Liam with no choice but to bond with his father, then I am not sure how long that would have lasted. I was definitely his favourite! But don’t worry, at some stage they click that Dads are way cooler than moms.. Dads do all the fun dangerous outdoor stuff, dads are better at breaking the rules than moms and dads don’t really care about all the personal hygiene stuff that moms harp on and on about! So there comes a time when they realise that dad isn’t so bad afterall! LOL!

    • I do not think we are ever having a second child, even though I feel very broody. I know his ma-vas stage will not last forever, I love it though.

  3. Jessica is very Ma-vas – but like Liam & Helen, she tries to push all my wrong buttons… She has her daddy moments though – is very cute when they bond!
    Goodluck with the eating plan. I have to get my mindset right and butt moving, suddenly i have quite a few extra kgs, came from nowhere! 😉

  4. I’m sure you’re right about HB and your hubby just needing some time to reconnect again. At some point they do realise that dad is often more fun than mum …. but when they need to be comforted or loved it’s always mummy they run to first 🙂

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