Father’s Day, dreamtime affairs and bread


I opened my eyes this morning from a horrible nightmare that Hubby was going around kissing my sisters…not just kissing like a BIL but to have an affair. I was devastated! Just a dream and I was so devastated. It was a relief to wake up. I actually thought it was Friday morning, however, I soon realised my mistake.

Tomorrow I am off work to go attend one my required CPD events. We have to do these every so often to maintain a professional registration…it is to ensure that we keep abreast of the field in which we work. I know many people do not like these, I have never been one of them. I love attending these things and being inspired by what I see and hear. I miss the sources of inspiration, that used to be everywhere when I was studying. It has been a while since I saw an event that interested me, I really do not like listening to speakers about the new regulations and all the things we must know. I want to hear new ideas and see great design and building methods. I want to know how we are creating new design in a South African context. Old and new merging. I want to sit at the edge of my seat and ooh and aah. I want to feel the need to whip out my sketch pad. I am hoping tomorrow’s forum will fulfil some of that, and not just be about speakers advertising. I am also looking forward to bumping into people I have not seen in a while, and meeting new people( networking? I am horrible at that stuff)

I have just seen we have a long weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to some me-time too. Saturday looks to be very busy with doing the admin of our lives…bank, cars and eye appointments (how I hate wearing glasses). I was thinking about going back to contact lenses, but I am worried about the horribly dry eyes I had since moving to Pretoria.

Father’s Day gifts are under control. Our framed footprint looks gorgeous. I have the things for the DVD pack and I just have to put them all together in a box this afternoon. We bought “Gravity”….it won a few awards so I am hoping hubby will enjoy it. We also bought popcorn, chips, chocolate, cookies and wine for hubby to enjoy with his DVD. Hubby is the type that will watch the same DVD about 50 times, he is the type of person DVD’s were made for.

Hubby also wants to enter a bread making competition. He needs to bake a loaf and if it is chosen he enters the finals and then it is a live bake-off to win one of four prizes. I am happy to see he still wants to do this, even though he no longer works as a baker. He is going to practice making the bread this weekend (well he knows how, but he wants a unique bread)….haha LCHF, we have to eat bread this weekend. After two weeks I will have bread again. I thought about suggesting gluten free bread, but I am pretty sure a competition loaf will need gluten. I have to be a supportive wife and eat the stuff and let him know what it is like.

I think I need to go work now. Have a fabulous weekend everyone and spoil the fathers you know.




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  1. Is it just me or am I seeing this 5 times? Bug in the system.
    Yay for being inspired! It’s just the same old same old here.
    Liam and I can also watch the same DVD over & over. DH not so much
    Sniffffffffffff, I can just smell that bread

    • I fixed it, thanks Helen….I normally type in Outlook and paste in here…more like finger trouble.
      I will watch it twice at the most, however Honeybear likes to watch the same stuff, so I end up watching Turbo or Robots 50 times.

  2. Were you angry at Hubby when you woke up, I find that I sometimes carry the mood from a dream into my day, it is actually horrible when that happens.

    Enjoy your bread! Hmmmmm French loaf with a smelly piece of Camembert or Brie on it!

    I hope your course will fulfill your expectations!

    • I was more relieved that he was sleeping there still. We had a hug and a kiss after he laughed at me. This is the third affair dream I have had in the last year.
      I love bread and after these two weeks I love it more. I have tried grain free..they just do not seem to hold together. It tasted fine and satisfied my desire for bread, but I could not pick it up and just eat a sandwich.

  3. Oh no, what a horrible dream, and then thinking it’s Friday, aaaw!
    How cool, good luck with the bread competition.
    Father’s Day gift sounds so awesome. I haven’t done anything yet, eeek.

  4. Every time I have dreams like this I wake up so annoyed at my hubby, like I will actually fight with him over MY dream.. hahah!! it is a HORRIBLE feeling hey??!!

    • It is such a horrible feeling! I was feeling hurt and raw, not angry. I am glad hear other women have these dreams, I thought there must be something twisted in me.

  5. VERY unpleasant way to start the day! I also tend to carry my dream emotions into the real world … which is not really fair on hubby … I understand that, but it never seems to make a difference when I have a dream in which I am hurt or upset or angry with him 🙂

    What perfect weather to have your home smell like fresh baking bread!!! Sigh …..

    You’re so organized with Father’s Day … I am going to sort out our Father’s Day tomorrow afternoon …

    • I am looking forward to the bread, he does bake well. The only reason I am organised about Father’s Day is because I thought it was last Sunday.

  6. I hate those dreams, I spend the whole day being mad at Stephen, which annoys him to no end, lol.

    I also enjoy CPD events, but I think my reasoning is more on having a legit excuse to be out of the office for an extended period of time.

    I hope you enjoyed your day out of the office and your long weekend and father’s day – it is so nice to get an extra day of weekend.


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