My first project


I know it is not a big deal for most people, but today I managed to procure my own project. It is not huge but it is a project I managed to procure myself. I said last year I will not rely on someone else for my salary again, also I am grown up now. It is time to try my hand at being the boss.

When I took the job here, it was on the understanding that I would still be able to advertise myself as myself and I would then bring my work through the company I work for. Getting your own work is not easy. My first question is how? No one has really helped me with that one I have just tried to tell people that I do work and to keep in me in mind. So here is my first one! I am proud that I finally have something, even if it is small.

It is so cold that my muscles are cramping.   I have finally resorted to cutting the tips of three fingers of my gloves so I can still work at the PC and hopefully my fingers will stop cramping and I have a heater at my feet.

I feel so bad using that heater I do not use heaters. I cannot warrant that waste of energy. However, I also cannot take the painful cramps anymore either. This office is freezing cold, especially if your station is on the south –west corner. There is no way the sun ever touches me here.

However, it is Friday so I should be out of here early to go have a cuddle with my baby. Great weekend to everyone.


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  1. Congrats MC, good on you.
    It is cold, we had our gas heater on all of last night and Liam’s wall heater was on too. I felt so sorry for the dogs outside, but they are too silly to come in from the rain.
    Have a good, cozy, weekend

    • We have not used Honeybear’s wall heater this year….he is sleeping in our bed so he has enough warmth. I do feel sorry for the pets, hence we have the furry child sharing our bed too.

  2. Well done on the project! 🙂 A step towards your ultimate goal of working for yourself 🙂

    It is incredibly cold today! My hands got numb just walking from the car to the building I work in.
    Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

  3. Well done Mamacat. For some reason you were on my mind the whole weekend!

    Firstly on the bread thing – have you tried googling – nutbutter breads – maybe that will be a bit cheaper than almond bread.

    Secondly – I found another blog – LCHF is lekker – can’t remember the exact blog name but you can google it – she even has a rusk recipe.

    • I am memorable like that. Lol.
      I have looked at numerous recipes and I am thinking maybe the oven is the problem. I have been trying to get out of the idea of eating bread all the time, and we are getting there slowly.
      I have an idea to try a flatbread using pureed veggies. You cook it on the stove top. I made soup yesterday and I am going to try the veggie bread today. The meals are fine if you plan ahead and do not leave it to the last minute.

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