How I hate house work


I just cannot understand why our house gets as dirty as is does. We do dishes, laundry and the floors every day or at least every second day (if there is not too much waiting).

Yesterday, I almost did not want to go home. I knew there was a mess waiting for me and I just did not have it in me to clean up. I almost wanted to cry.

Hubby works really long hours, so I cannot really expect him to pitch in with 50% of the chores, but sometimes I just want a break. OK I can have a break, but it also means I have to pay for that break later, because nothing cleans itself.

I also do not feel comfortable ironing when Honeybear is awake and running around, and to be honest, when he is sleeping, I also want a break, I do not want to be doing house work.

I always say there are more important things in life than a clean house…but sometimes I just cannot face it. I hate housework.

Anyway, I deemed crying over a dirty house was really silly and I walked in. I sorted Honeybear out with toys and snacks and I started cleaning from Honeybear’s bedroom out. I started at 17h00 and I worked through, only stopping to give Honeybear dinner and call my sister. I was still busy when Hubby arrived home at 21h30. I have not even finished. I still have the kitchen to fix this afternoon. I just want overhaul all the cupboards and see what is what.

Come this weekend, I do not want to think of housework. Just some laundry and dishes, but that is about it.

On the LCHF front: It is not going too badly, and there are enough things to cook, as long as I have planned ahead. I have almost worked potatoes out…we have not bought any for 3 weeks….we did buy 5 for our camping trip but I can see a life without potatoes, we do not need to eat as often as used to eat it.

Bread is still a challenge. I have thought about trying those recipes you can get for grain free bread but I have not come across anything I really want to do yet. They are either too expensive containing almond flour, or just look gross. I think I just have to get out of the idea of sandwiches and then we should be fine.

Rice and pasta were never huge on our menu, so that is not bothering anyone yet.

I have talked about this way of eating to hubby and while he thinks it has merits, he does not want to change. However, he has not realised, yet, what I am doing.   I cook and I usually control the shopping lists, even if he is buying it. He never pays enough attention to what we have in the house to make up the shopping list. He does not question me. Let us see were we go with this.

I have totally disregarded the fruit thing for now.

I have to be honest, this way of eating is actually more expensive. The meat is the cheapest part of this diet. The vegetables on the list are the higher priced range, compared to the things you are not supposed to eat. If you look at mushrooms which are at R90/kg compared to potatoes which are R9,99/kg. All dairy is expensive, but we ate that anyway so it is not affecting the budget. Buying butter is way more expensive than buying margarine spread. Have you seen the price of ghee? It is way overpriced if you compare it to good old sunflower oil.

Anyway there are ways and means around everything. I just have to find them.


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  1. I’ve been whinging about housework also. In my head anyway. It just bothers me that others in the house don’t see the obvious things that need doing. Like hanging up the wet towel instead of leaving it on the bed where it won’t dry. Or cleaning up the cat puke instead of walking over it (“Oh, I thought you might want to see that the cat’s been sick”)
    I like to spoil myself with PnP’s Mooirivier salted butter. It’s lovely on toast, but at R40 / 500g it’s a bit expensive to use on a daily basis.

  2. I always say to Hubby I do not expect him to do that much housework, but at least he should not expect me to pick up his dirty clothes or crumbs. At least he should not come after I have cleaned and mess up. Wet towels are not allowed to leave the bathroom anymore. You have to dry yourself in the bathroom and if you leave it on the floor, you have to use the dirty towel. The towels are always hung up now, and it has progressed to changing the towels and dropping dirty ones in the laundry. Miracles exist.
    The butter is very expensive and I only use it for cooking and baking.

  3. HATE house myself. I thank God for my live in helper who takes care of everything in the house. I know we are truly blessed to have her. I don’t follow any eating plan, we eat pretty much EVERYTHING .. lol.. everything in moderation, right? 🙂

    • My other problem (I seem to have too many?) is that I really do not like other people in my space. We tried having some domestic help, I was going insane. I am with you on the eating, but if you see how much bread and potatoes we go through fr a family of 2.5, it is too much.

  4. We inherited a life in helper when we bought our house. She is absolutely ancient but her whole life revolves around this job. She also supports about 7 other people on her salary and she has been living on our yard for 25 years.

    Her work is completely substandard and she burns our clothes to a crisp with the iron BUT at least the floors are always clean and the dishes are done and the kitchen is cleanish.

    And how do I leave her destitute without a house or a salary? So for those reason I just bite my lip and buy clothes that are indestructible.

    And here I am writing a blog – yes LCHF is expensive especially the bread alternatives – lucky for me the bread was not my problem but oh the potatoes – I love anything potatoe.

  5. I hear you about the housework … I use to do it all myself as well but since having Munchkin we got some help. Now with the 3 of them I am ever so grateful for our helper because with 7 people living in our house the housework piles up like you can’t believe.

    Good luck with the LCHF diet! I haven’t convinced anyone in our house about it yet, though hubby and I are at least making an attempt at limiting our carb intake.

    • I too would get someone in if I 3 kids and you FIL. I will think of you and feel better, because I only have 1 child and work less hours so I should not complain.
      If you want to try the diet, be subversive. Just drop one thing at a time and he might not notice. I am always making “concoctions” so hubby does not bat an eyelash when there is something weird for dinner. He has grown to expect experimentation.

      • I know I’ve already commented on this post. I used to be so anal about my house and spent every Saturday morning cleaning, dusting, polishing, etc. Sundays was ironing day. Then I had Liam and decided to get some help so that I can spend my time with him, not doing housework. I have a maid once a week. She does the basics, general cleaning and ironing. Sure, I see alot that she’s missing and that drives me insane, but slowing I’m learning to let it go. I still have to do a heck of a lot during the rest of the week. The little things that no one sees, but hey, you’ve just got to look passed it. There are more important things than a clean house. My house doesn’t look like a tip mind you. The washing up is always done, toys, clothes, washing is put away. If you look really carefully you might see a bit of dust. To heck with it

      • Helen, you are welcome to leave as many comments as you like 🙂
        My thing with domestic help is that if it is your job, you must do it properly and you need to let me know when you are not turning up. These are two things I am still looking for. Every few months I will have a lady over (who gets paid) but we both end up working together so that I do not feel like I have wasted time and been inconvenienced by having her in my space all those hours. Eg I will take down curtains, wash and dry and re-hang and she will do the window glass. I will clean counters and she will do doors. And then I love my house. I need to let it go.

      • Yeah, I also end up cleaning with them if I’m there. DH says “how can you expect her to do things if you don’t tell her?” Easy for a man 🙂
        I’ve had my current DG since Liam was 3 months old. She’s never stolen from us, asked for money or anything else and she has only had 1 day off for being ill. She’s trustworthy and that counts for a lot in my books.

  6. I was just thinking about that this morning…I am forever sweeping, dusting, cleaning & ironing…it just never seems to end, and now with this wonderful wind we have here in the east rand, I am wondering what dusty messes are waiting for us at home, sometimes I just get it into my head that no one comes to visit to see how clean your house is, but then the other side of me does not like and cannot stand the chaos. I am very blessed with a helpful/thoughtful hubby who helps me so much, but even for him it gets a bit much if there’s another day of cleaning up to do…

    • You have it exactly, it feels like chaos when things are dirty or out of place. I just cannot relax. *sigh* I left the windows all open and I hear the wind.

  7. I absolutely loathe housework, ironing in particular can suck it – I just do not iron! My house is generally the cleanest just before we have guests lol. Pinterest has a 15 minute a day program that I still haven’t even looked at, but at least sounds doable. If I ever get around to trying it I will let you know.

    Sounds like the LCHF transition is going well!

    • The 15 minute thing works. I have not seen the one you are talking about, but I think they are similar. It works well to keep the house in check, but some days you just want to get into the house and sit down without worrying about the things you HAVE to do.
      I take each room and I do not distract myself with everything else. I work one room at a time and only leave that room when it is neat. Mirror, surfaces and everything put away in its place.

  8. Confession time – I can not iron! And I will die without Lucy in our house. We are trying to eat less carbs but certainly kids need it. In any event at least we have the butter thing sorted – have not had marg in the house in years and years .

    • I can iron, but sometimes I would like to pretend I do not know how. I think to find someone like your Lucy is not easy. I also think it is a relationship you build together and like dating and marriage, it is not always easy to find the perfect partner.
      I am not one for cutting out whole food groups, but I do think our family needs to re-look at moderation. I was raised on the margarine with the heart stamp on it and eating butter was evil. It takes a time to make that mind shift.

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