Father’s Day Plans


I have so much to do today and now my devices are not co-operating. While I wait for HP to fix my scanner, I guess I have time to waste….

I remembered just now it is Father’s Day this weekend. Hubby is working his long days starting Friday, so we may not see him until Monday, or as a vague shape during the night, or a sleepy morning kiss.

Hence the camping trip we went on, that was all for Papa, and Honeybear and I shopped for some nice little bits of gear for Hubby to add to his fishing things…so no big Father’s Day gift this Sunday.

However, I do believe things must be celebrated on the day. So Honeybear and I will have to make some efforts. I think we might try the crafty route.

I saw this really doable looking tutorial for footprints and hand prints. I always wanted to do this, but I have not had much success previously with sticking feet into dough. I do not like the lumpy look. This looks neat enough that I can see myself hanging it up (that is if we get it right)

We will also make a special dinner for Papa (which he will have to re-heat)

And I also saw this really cool idea for a DVD pack. Also very doable and hubby loves movies, but Honeybear is not yet civilized enough to take to a cinema, and we do not always want to watch kiddy movies.

We might make a card, but I am not big on cards. What do you do with after the event? Stick it in a box, into the bin? I am sure the school will dish out cards and little pressies on Friday so that may take care of the card thing.

Last year Honeybear and I made cookies that spelt Papa. Honeybear did eat most of them, but we tried.

 What are your Father’s Day plans?


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  1. Liam’s school gets the kids to make pressies for Mother & Fathers day. DH and I don’t celebrate anything. We don’t buy each other presents, which is a bit sad really. I’m not too imaginative and end up buying smelly stuff or socks or something practable (why is that not right)
    Good luck with your crafts.

    • I like to celebrate stuff and at any opportunity I have something planned…Valentines, birthdays, special days. I think I exhaust Hubby a little (but that is why he married me ?). Everyone needs socks so it is not so bad, as much as we diss the gift. Practable = Practical?

  2. Father’s Day is only next weekend, the 15th of June!

    I agree RE celebrating events on the day!
    Love the hand and footprint idea, wow!

    • HAHAHAHA….I am really mixed up and I am not even pregnant! Thank you for setting me straight, at least now my gifts will be ready without a rush.

  3. Just wanted to say on the 15th. The kids all make something at school and we do smallish gifts – like a book etc. And breakfast in bed, always. And he gets to choose Sunday lunch which I will make unless he wants to braai.

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