The camping report


The camping trip was great! We all had so much fun this weekend.

It started out with a bit of a hiccup with Hubby working late on Friday. I was very upset and I had to pack everything on my own (not that I cannot pack, but I was counting on some help). Anyway, he arrived home and we ran out to get the last few things at the store and then packed Hubby’s car.

Saturday morning we were off bright and early. It really is a lovely camping site. Everything is so absolutely clean and neat. Even the toilets and showers were within my hygiene standards. Honeybear promptly pooed in his pants (twice) when we arrived. It is not something he has done in months and Hubby attributes it to the excitement.

I learned to cook on an open fire. I was very proud that I figured it out (with Hubby’s help). The temperature did drop quite a bit as the sun went down, but we survived it. The three of us in our tent were as warm as we could be and as soon as the sun was up, it was warm again.

We have decided to put off all other camping trips until August. It was a tad too cold for our liking and I do not want Honeybear becoming ill. Instead we will stick with day trips.

We did not catch a single fish, but then, neither did anybody else, so we did not like too bad. We learned a little trick about fishing for carp from the very nice man next to us. There are so many technicalities to fishing. It seems like a whole science. I can cast, but I seem to end up crooked if I listen to Hubby.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend and we are definitely going camping again (in summer).

Some things I learned for camping with a toddler:

  • Pack lots of extra clothes because they tend to make a mess. Honeybear was covered in algae and mud.
  • Pack warm for winter time because the temperature drops drastically near the water.
  • Wake early so you do not miss the sun rising over the water (if you are facing east). The mist off the water in the early morning is amazing to look at. Honeybear was delighted at the sight.
  • Get gumboots for the little ones, especially if it is cold, because you cannot keep them out the water.
  • Take a few hardy toys that can stand abuse.
  • Let the kids run around and try not to scold too much.
  • Just have fun and relax.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time. It was very chilly this weekend, in PE anyway.
    Liam is 5 and I still carry changes of clothes, EVERYWHERE. When will this end.
    Yay on cooking on the open fire. Did you do the camping thing and eat a tin of beans? LOL

    • Lol, we did take a tin of beans but we ended up not opening it. We did the South African thing and braaied, with potatoes and onions roasted in the coals and Sunday I did stir fried veggies and eggs and later burgers and fried onions.
      Maybe you have to carry extra clothes forever!

    • Yes it was so much fun. We did not venture far, just to Roodeplaat Dam. There are many places you can camp there. We were at the Dinokeng Camping and Fishing site.

  2. I like your list of tips for camping with a toddler!
    Glad you guys enjoyed it. Good idea to hold off camping til August.
    Well done cooking on an open fire!

  3. I loved camping as a kid … but somehow now the idea is less appealing to me … though I think the kids would love it so we will try it at some point … maybe when the
    Great list of tips 🙂
    Sounds like you had a great weekend 🙂

    • The kids will love it, and I think it might be easier when they are smaller. They will enjoy it and not miss the TV or cellphone or going to the mall while you are camping. You do not have to go out into the bush, we were only 30 minutes from home.

  4. Sounds like you had a great camping getaway. I love camping for the minimal technology and maximum quality time together – there is nothing quite like it. I am happy to hear it went well, but do agree this time of year is a little chilly for tent sleeping!! I hope you get to plan lots more camping trips in the Spring! xx

  5. Somebody told me over the weekend that they take a children’s book along and then read to all the children after dinner when everybody sits around the camping fire. I absolutely love the idea. I’m not too fond of camping either but I do think it is really good for the kids.

    • We need to hold off sitting around the fore for now. Honeybear does not quite understand the danger with a fire. We just used the braai to cook and left the fire-pit cold. I love the idea, and he is going to grow up soon.

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