LCHF for me?


I have been reading and reading and reading and I think I may see the merits in this LCHF diet. I am not one for diets and it worries me a little, still, that you must cut out a whole food group. OK maybe I am being drastic, it says reduce, not cut out completely.

So as an experiment I have decided to first see how we would manage without potatoes. Potatoes is a staple in our house, along with bread and I wanted to see if we could cook without it for two weeks. It is not easy. I have substituted lentils for the potatoes (I know lentils is not really part of this diet)…one step at a time.

I need to find a bread alternative because I cannot imagine life without bread. I know I am kind of defeating the whole thing by not changing my way of thinking, but I want to make it fit me, not the other way around. I want to do this in a way I know I can sustain. Too much at once and I will fall apart.

Also, I am not totally convinced this diet is the end all and be all, but I would like to see how it works, especially since diabetes is a big in my family, but then so is heart disease, so the fat thing is worrying me. I understand about good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, but I have a family history (everyone on in my Dad’s immediate family has died of heart disease and the live ones have heart disease…my dad had to have heart surgery). Eating chicken skin is just not going to happen for me, neither is eating meat with lumps of fat. Doing that is going against everything I have been raised to eat to keep a healthy heart…so I am going to do this very slowly.

Also, to be honest, this way of eating just looks to be much more expensive…if I look at it superficially. Eating lentils and potatoes is far cheaper than the items on the “green” list.

So today I am going to shop with the “green” list and see how far I get for the week.

Sugar and bread is going to stay for now. I live without sugar, for me it is no biggie and Honeybear does not drink tea or coffee so he does not have sugar issues. Hubby needs to stop.

Fruit is also going to stay for now. I make a point of always buying fruit in season and we are currently in citrus season and I am not going without citrus. I am a huge believer in fruit and especially to eat it in the right season.

My non-negotiable……

I do not want my food bill going up, we have worked very hard to save money and eat properly so I am not compromising this. We want a house with a garden and that goal sits above all other monies spent.

I will not cut out fruit completely, because I do believe you need the goodness in fruit.

I will not make drastic, sudden changes.

I am not going to weigh myself at all.

Yes I know my head is in the sand!


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  1. Your plan sounds perfect, the moment you deprive yourself you won’t stick to it.

    Some research show to even change just one meal a day for example substitute your oats with eggs will make a big difference.

    I had shop bought pizza last night and today I feel absolutely terrible, bloated, forgetful, HUNGRY, jittery and I didn’t sleep at all last night. The strangest thing is that Hubby had the exact same symptoms so it must be linked to the carbs in the pizza.

    Good luck!

  2. I would not be surprised if shop bought pizza kills people, they use so much junk in that stuff it gives pizza a bad name…though you do make a point about the carbs. I am convinced that it is addictive and too much does bad things to your body.
    Pizza is probably a good item to convert…and I think I will experiment with that tonight.
    Thank you for the vote of confidence, I love the idea of starting with one meal a day…that I can live with.
    So are we getting a pre-Comrades post or are you already on your way to KZN?

  3. Although I’m not big on the diet thing myself, I do believe that cutting out food groups is not a good thing. We are made to eat from all groups. I believe that portion control is key.
    Good luck, make it work for you, I like that idea

    • I know what you mean about diets Helen, but I guess that I do have to make some change, I am getting older and I just feel that I need make more of an effort to make sure I am taking care of my health.

  4. I like the idea of making it work for you…when we went to see the nutritionist, we also had to cut out slowly instead of just leaving everything…it works for us and I dont deprive if I feel like something, obviously not every day, but keep it at least to once a week a treat type of thing…the rest of the time we are eating heatlhier and the result are awesome!!

    • Hi Nats, I am glad to hear you seeing awesome results. It makes you feel like you are on the right track. You are right, one should not make oneself feel deprived, that is when things fall apart.

  5. I’ve mentioned before that I am banting too, and I thing is, most people who are banting feel so much better, and we tend to become all evangelical about it. I mentioned on runnermom’s blog that I think dropping gluten is what makes us all feel better – my low level GIT irritation has settled and I am more energised than I have in years.
    On a slightly more scientific note, looking at a strong family history of cardiac and cholesterol disease, like yours, I hazard a guess many of them follow a low fat diet. And I guess the proof is in the fact that they all still have the heart disease, not so? So maybe there is some merit in banting here. And this is where my gluten theory comes into play. We all know (in the medical world) that while elevated cholesterol is a problem, inflammation in our bodies is a greater risk factor for the heart attack or stroke. How do we reduce inflammation? Drop the damn gluten, which loosens the junctions between the cells in our GIT, making the absorption of inflammatory chemicals so much easier.
    Maybe I am misguided, but I am sticking to this theory, it makes sense to me. Maybe I am wrong, and if I am, I’ll admit it when we see the evidence either which way. All I can share are anecdotes, and for me, it’s worked magnificently. I’ve recently made a few modifications and am eating a few more ‘healthy carbs’, but there is definitely no room for gluten in my world.

    • You make a very good point….thank you for pointing that out…even on low fat diets, the heart issues are still there.
      I first came across the gluten thing at Le Leche League and because they were really passionate women, I just wrote it off as crazy talk.

  6. I love your sensible approach, if you do it slowly and methodically you are more likely to stick to it and I am sure you will start to feel the benefits of the change soon. Enjoy it! xx

    • I am hoping it sticks Rox. I am trying it in a way I think will work for me and I hope I have analyzed myself correctly. Thank you for the encouragement.

  7. Your approach makes sense to me too …
    Good luck with it … keep us posted on how it’s going. I know you’re not weighing yourself but let us know how you feel 🙂

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