My sensitive side


I just do not understand how I turned into this emotional woman…how? I never cried in movies or over books. It took a lot to make me cry. Since I have become a mother I cry so easily. I think maybe it is because I can emotionally relate better.

Honeybear and I seem to be connected emotionally somewhere.

I scold him and it is whatever. He does not have the same reaction as when his Papa scolds him. You can see the hurt when Papa scolds. Yesterday Papa was scolding him into his pajamas. He was crying and calling for me. He was being naughty. Hubby and I have an agreement not to question each other’s parenting ways. However, I find it hard not to intervene when Hubby is doling out discipline. It is not that he is harsh, but I feel the hurt Honeybear feels.

Yesterday, I knew I was wrong but I went into the room and I asked Hubby to please stop and let me take over. I was in tears too, seeing my little baby crying.

I know Hubby was not happy with me getting in between, but my heart was sore watching Honeybear’s unhappiness. It tore at my heart seeing how unhappy he was, even though I know he was being naughty.

Hubby and I spoke about it afterwards and he was very understanding, but I know it is not something I must do too often, but I just cannot stand my little baby to cry.


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  1. Oi, I also find it so hard to bite my tongue when Daddy is disciplining, I have to physically remove myself like go into the bathroom or something! Even though I know I would have disciplined in the same way, it really is difficult for me to see them getting disciplined by anyone else… even their father!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. The kids ignore us when we scold them, but somehow they feel more hurt when Dad scolds them. I often cry when DH disciplines Liam. I don’t step in, and 5 minutes later Liam is back to normal again.
    Becoming mums has turned our hearts into squidgy pink jelly

  3. You are def not alone.
    When hubby disciplines I also have to leave the general area … I usually go to the opposite side of the house cos the sound of the crying (and they usually cry for me when he is telling them off) just breaks my heart and all I really want to do is swoop in and pick them up and console them … even though I know hubby is right in what he is doing!
    Kills me when I hear them crying “mummy … I want mummy” while getting scolded or put into timeout! 😦
    I’m a super softy since having kids … certain ads on TV can get me to tear up … it’s pretty pathetic!

  4. OH yes been there too. Asked Hubby to step aside and rather let me deal with it. Sometimes he does the same with me – or if Im really mad I rather ask him to deal with it… its heart breaking. Nowadays who ever is not disciplining gets cried for! ;(

    • We get that too…he is screaming for the other one all the time or complaining to each of us about the other. You are so right, it really is heartbreaking when you see those tears and it is worse when it is not the tantrum screaming, but that sorrowful quiet cry.

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