Party planning already


I am starting to really look forward to the camping trip next weekend. We are all set with the gear and I think Hubby is really looking forward to the fishing. I do fish a little but I don’t think I have the same interest as Hubby. It is exciting to catch something, but other than that, I am happy to read my book quietly.

Honeybear sort of understands but not everything. I am just worried about the dam and a toddler. However, as Hubby says, I have to learn to relax. It will be fine.

I know it is fairly early but I have started sorting out Honeybear’s birthday. His birthday gift from me takes time. I also plan on making my own party favours and I can see it is going to take me a while. I have decided no food stuff in the party packs. They will not even be a “pack” but just a party favour. Hubby will try to help, but I am so particular about how things must be done, it is easier for him to just help with making me coffee and sticking Band-Aids on my cuts. I show him what I want to do and then he gives me his opinion (because sometimes I need to be brought back to earth)

I have nothing against sweets and chocolates on birthdays, but I saw what happened last year. I sent cookies to school (it took me a week to make those, decorated and personalized, with and without egg in the mix because the other birthday boy had egg allergies) and then the other little boy who shares the birthday also arrived with cake and sweeties (which I should have expected). I do not think that whole class ate a proper meal all day.

For the tea party at home, I might include some cookies I think.

Hubby has challenged me about the cake. I say a 3D cake and Hubby says a 3D crayon cake is too difficult. Hubby baked for a living the last 13 years so he may know a bit more than me about baking. I said it is very possible. So now I have got myself into baking this thing. A 3D crayon cake. I will draw it out and work out the sizes…and that is why hubby thinks I am crazy. He says it is a cake, not a building, however, I draw.

I will definitely have to do a trial run to make sure this cake can be constructed like I want it to be.

I am thinking printed icing sheets for the crayon wrappings…that is as far as I have gotten for now. I still have quite a lot of time to work it out.

It is Friday and tomorrow is a school fun day thing…OK it is grandparents day, but Honeybear has no grandparents here in Pretoria, and Hubby is working…so it will be me filling in for the missing grandparents. I am sure it is going to be fun and I will get a chance to talk to the other parents. These days we shout hello’s and goodbyes at the gate or the parking and we always mean to stop for a longer chat.

I must actually iron the child’s clothes tonight because apparently they are doing a little concert as well.

I must get back to the grindstone because we are finishing up early today…lots to do.


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  1. Overachiever! 😉 – I’m so glad that there are other people in the world who also plan such a long time in advance. i woke up last week with a start because I haven’t bought any Christmas present yet!

    The cake does sound amazing! Go for it! I also prefer not to give sweets or things in the party packs.

    Enjoy the camping! I hope the weather holds.

  2. I’m in the midst of party planning also, for July.
    I hate the k@k sweets in the party packs. I’m going to repeat what I did last year. A juice, popcorn and a jelly. The kids loved the jelly. Oh and a little packet of chips and smarties. That’s all.
    Enjoy the camping, hope you have a grand time

  3. Party planning is such fun, enjoy it! The cake sounds awesome, wow, good luck!
    A camping weekend sounds blissful.

  4. I also plan parties well in advance, I like to think it is more about being organised than being a control freak lol. Personally I think the cake is totally doable, with the proper planning like you are doing now it should work out just fine, go for it, I can’t wait to see what it looks like!

    The camping weekend sounds great 🙂

  5. Ooooh fun! I love party planning! Enjoy all the planning and good luck with that cake, sounds like it’s going to be A W E S O M E !! Almost time for your camping weekend now 🙂 xx

  6. We did popcorn for LO party in plastic gloves it was great fun,kids loved the hand popcorn.
    Cake sounds cool,good luck.
    Enjoy camping,smaller kids are much easier to camp with than big ones that need more space and things !

  7. Oh just thought of something else,when MK was little there were 3 in her class that had birthdays together,I used to organize with the other 2 moms that we did different things so kids didn’t get sugar overloaded,like juice,cupcake and small packet of chips.

  8. I love party planning. The girl’s party was this past weekend and I started planning about 4 months ago 🙂
    Kids love popcorn. I made popcorn and put them into little brown paper bags that I stuck a label on and they were polished off at the party 🙂 The party favour thing is a super idea! I gave each kid that came to our party a hobby horse. My very crafty friend made them for me and I just bought the materials (cos I can’t actually sew) 🙂 Kids loved them!!

    Ohhh a 3D crayon cake sounds awesome!! Good luck with that!

    I don’t think you’re crazy or a control freak 🙂 Mister’s birthday is in October and I have already started thinking about the theme so I can start planning as well 🙂

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