Cry cry cry and then break something?


Sometimes, as much as I love my child, he has the power to drive me to distraction. Yesterday afternoon was one of those times:

I do not want to bath. Cry

I do not want to get out the bath. Cry

I cannot find my shoes. Cry

Papa is naughty. Cry

I do not like the blanket. Cry

The cat is naughty. Cry

I want to feed myself. Cry

I want to ride my bike. Cry

I fell off my bike. Cry

I just want to. Cry

I want sweeties. Cry

Carry me. Cry

I wonder, when I am feeling calmer, what makes him so upset that nothing is going right in his life? Sometimes he wants to cry and there must be a reason for that. He talks, but not very articulately (he speaks an English-Afrikaans mix and sometimes my English ears cannot pick up what he is saying).

I try not to get upset, and I eventually ran into the bathroom and took a few seconds…it did not work because he cried at the door. I called Hubby while my child cried and spoke to him for a little bit to calm me.

I then gave my child his salt dough ornaments and let him have at it with another toy. He broke them to bits, but you know what?….he stopped crying. Maybe it relieved the frustration like breaking plates?

By 7pm I was happy it was bath time. We both jumped into the shower and then we went to bed. Me to read a bit (I love reading on my tablet because it allows me to read in the dark) Hubby came in just after 9pm.

I was asleep before he made it to bed (yes I am a bad wife)

Tonight I am going to pay more attention to see what makes my child tick…because I am currently baffled.


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  1. I really do wish kids came with instructions, would make life much easier.
    You know they same some kids bang their heads against walls to ease their frustrations. Quite glad HB only broke salt dough ornaments 🙂
    Some days are perfect, others not so perfect.

  2. I have a friend and her son will hit his head on the ground until it bleeds. At least crying and breaking ornaments doesn’t bleed!

    On a serious note – I do feel your frustration and pain – kids are so complicated.

  3. The crying phase – my favourite! Not. Both kids went through this phase when they would cry for EVERYTHING. And then 5 minutes later, they’d be happy like nothing ever happened. It used to do my head in. When they cry like that now, I politely tell them to go to their rooms and cry as much as they like, as long as we don’t have to hear and see it because they are truly crying for NOTHING. It works.. they have a good cry and come out happy again 🙂

    • Robyn thanks. Asking him to go to his room did the trick last night. He realises he does not want to be alone in his room so he would rather smile and play.

  4. Sweetpea does this!!! It makes me insane … truly! I have to grind my teeth together or walk away to get a hold of myself cos the repetitive droning whiney cry really gets under my skin!

    If I knew what she was crying about I would fix it, but most of the time I don’t even think she knows why she is crying.

    Maybe it’s like Robyn says … they just need a good cry to let out all the built-up emotion (good and bad) or something … who knows!!

  5. Often when they are not very articulate crying is the best they do to show any form of emotion,encourage him to tell you what’s wrong and good luck.

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