A Happy Day


Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to do something great.  It was something that I never thought I would ever get to do…  And earlier this year I received the email I never expected to receive.  It was a wonderful experience and rewarding to boot. Who would be lucky enough to be chosen twice? In the same year?  Me!!!!

Yes, I get to do this wonderful thing all over again. I received another of those magical phone calls this morning.  I am so excited and so happy that I am blessed enough to be chosen twice.

PS:  This is completely my secret and I am not yet ready to share what the magic is. (Only with Hubby because how on earth would I manage to keep this kind of thing from him)


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    • Sorry Helen. I will share it eventually, I think. It is one of things people have strong opinions about and I am not brave enough to deal with possible disapproval.

    • I think it is one of those life changing things that happen. However, as I said to Helen, I am not ready for the negative thoughts on my decisions.

  1. Aww share your secret, you can’t keep a secret from a preggy lady like this, I’m going to burst!!! Hehe, but seriously, I’m glad you’ve got good news and you are excited! So glad for you xx

  2. OOOohhhhh. Such intrigue!! 🙂 You have us all at your mercy right now 🙂

    COngrats on the amazing thing that you get to do!! 🙂

    Hope you don’t make us wait tooooo long before sharing!

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