Weekend yet?


I have been chomping at the bit, hoping for the weekend since Tuesday….so for me at has been a very long week and I cannot wait for Friday afternoon. We have nothing special planned, in fact we have errands like the bank and post office and cellphones…so it all means standing in a line somewhere.

I just want some time with my family. I am missing them a lot. Evenings just do not seem enough this week.

One of the plans for this Friday afternoon is for Honeybear and I to make up his “I can be chart” . I do not want to call it a reward chart. For now it will just be stickers for different things:

Honeybear can:

  • Listen the first time Mama or Papa asks something (This one is OK currently)
  • Wake up in his own bed (this one is a yet to be)
  • Put away his toys and shoes (this one is not going too badly currently)
  • Go the toilet on his own (He will go to the bathroom on his own, but only if we are not there)
  • Be good when we are out (this one is driving me insane)

The idea is that his reward will be to get a sticker and he can place it on the chart. I think he might be a little young now, to understand a reward sometime in the future, he is more an instant gratification type of child right now. I want him to understand consequences, especially of being badly behaved when we are out and about.

I have still not found an effective method of making him be good for extended lengths of time (not that I am expecting him to be a star 4 hours in a row). I need to learn how to get him to understand when he is doing sometime naughty without the naughty corner (because you cannot just leave your child in the corner of the mall)

I hope this works and he too will feel better with less fighting all round.

I shall update on whether this works or not.


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  1. Good luck with the reward chart, it takes some getting used to for the littles, but once the concept has been understood it can work very well. xx

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