Mothers and the minion


I know, as a Mom, I create my own pressures and stresses about the way in which I think I should be parenting. I should spend more time with Honeybear, I must craft with him and teach him things like colours and I must make sure all his snacks are home-made and healthy and a whole host of other things I cannot even remember now.

I see other Moms, perfectly dressed and wearing heels and I think, well what is your excuse, if she can do it and she has 2 kids, you surely can do it with one kid.

Why do we do this to ourselves, and I realise we all do this sometime or the other.

It took me a while to realise that other women may look at me and think those same things (ego boost for me).

After the initial problems were sorted out, breastfeeding came easily for Honeybear and I. It also helped that I had the support of hubby, Le Leche League and the office I worked in.

There were to women who had babies after me and they feel like if I could breastfeed and work, they too should do the same thing. They are struggling and tired and life is unpleasant. I have tried to help. We all not the same. Like anything else, we are different kinds of mothers and we all manage in different ways. This does not make us bad mothers, just mothers with different abilities and views.

Be proud of yourself and remember you are a brilliant Mom.

Remember this post about making a minion? Well here is the result. Tutorial from this excellent website.

Despicable Me Minion by MamaCat

Despicable Me Minion by MamaCat

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  1. Wow, the Minion came out really great, I love it !
    Yeah, We’re all different people handling things differently and like you said, those mothers who we think are doing a great job are perhaps thinking the same of us. Some mothers look perfect in public but secretly cry because life is so hard because they put too much pressure on themselves to be perfect.
    We are doing the best we can with what we have and it helps to have a wonderful support system

    • Thank you Helen, I am really happy with how the minion turned out. We did buy one too, but the quality was really bad.
      You are so right. We never know what is going on behind a perfect exterior.

  2. Love the minion, it is so cute! You are absolutely right, we expect so much of ourselves, especially as mothers. It is impossible to be perfect and that is okay.

  3. The minion came out brilliantly 🙂

    We do tend to place alot of pressure on ourselves I agree! As mums we tend to think we should be able to do everything by ourselves and perfectly … And while we tell other people that no one is perfect, we still tend to expect ourselves to be. I think we would all be a bit more relaxed if we could be less critical of ourselves.

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