Positivity is important


I feel like I am back in the breaking down stage: The pressure cooker has something the matter with it, the weight will not spin and the emergency valve is letting off steam. My favourite hand mixer/chopper has stopped working. These are two staples in my kitchen and I cannot imagine cooking without it. I lost the crochet hook I need to finish the last four blocks of Honeybear’s blanket. I am wondering what else is on the list. I know it is very pessimistic but yesterday was a trial and I was not in a very positive mood. None of those things are big, but I was determined to be negative.

This morning my car would not start. The bright spark that is me, left the lights on. I called Hubby who had left home two hours before me. I do not know why. I knew he was too far to help. I knocked on a few doors and got no answer and then called the neighbour across the driveway. He was nice enough to come help me and get me going. I felt like I just needed to stop being negative, because it was not helping me at all.

I have a lovely beautiful child and he is the sweetest thing ever when he is not unhappy about something.

Hubby is sensitive and caring, if I give him a chance.

I just need to stop and listen and breathe. If I was paying attention instead of being in a black mood, I would have seen the lights of the car were still on. (My car does not make any sound to let you know you forget: maybe it is time to get something fitted?).

I do this to myself. I get into a mood and nothing is right. Today I am going to be better behaved I am going to sit quietly and work and think good thoughts and have a lovely afternoon and evening with my family, because we have so much to be thankful for.

Hubby was nice enough to give me a lovely Mother’s Day gift, even if he could not be home.

So here is me being good: I will have a fabulous day!


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  1. What did you get for Mothers Day? You can’t let us hanging like that.

    Goodness the two of us are really not good company today are we? Good luck Sweetie!

    Sending you lots of positive vibes.

    • Thanks. Lol, the gift is no biggie for anyone else. I received the largest tin of Milo (because I love the stuff), a sweet card, a big bunch of flowers and boot shocks (so my boot lid does not fall on my head anymore). Then last night we had the dinner…really great Chinese food (and now we have found a new place to buy) and after dinner cappuccinos.
      All in all it tuned out to be a goo day.

  2. I had one of those days yesterday. Nothing was good enough, I was impatient with everyone. Sometimes it so hard to be happy even when there is so much to be happy about.
    Here’s to a good monday
    Big hugs MC

  3. I totally agree with you… we have to make a conscious decision to be POSITIVE! So many bad things happening all the time to us, and around us, its hard not to be sucked in by all the negativity. But I believe that you create your own joy, even in the midst of sorrow, we have to keep upbeat!

  4. Ah no, sorry about all the things going wrong, not fun at all.
    I’m sure your positive mindset is going to bring positive results!

  5. Here’s to a positive attitude and outlook ….

    It really is very easy to get bogged down in all the negatives … this is a good reminder to us all about keeping a positive attitude!!

    Hope you had a good day 🙂

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