Winter camping


We are going camping….and it was me that booked it….camping in a tent. I am not sure that this is a good idea, but we have to try it out at least. I hope I survive the experience. The last time we camped was two years ago and it was easy because I was still breastfeeding and Honeybear was only 6 months old.

We have all the gear and 3 fishing rods should be enough. It is just for the weekend at the end of this month…winter?

I actually forgot about Mother’s Day…I did know but I forgot again. It is this weekend. I only remembered when the school gave me a pressie this morning. I must really make some cookies for the teachers. Monday I must be more organised.

We have no special plans for Mother’s Day, at least none that I know about. I asked for time to myself. We will see, because that pressie has never materialised in the last two years.

Honeybear is back to sleeping in our bed. It worked well in my parents’ house because he slept well in his own bed in the same room. To be honest, I like having him in the same room. I sleep better knowing he is close and I know he is OK. When he sleeps in his room, I keep waking to check if he is fine, and end up with less sleep.

Hubby says I am too anxious and over protective, but I cannot help it now. Honeybear likes to be near me and I like him to be near me. Hubby and I still get out time together so I cannot see how anyone is losing out.

I am thinking about a way in which we can get a bed into our room. It is possible, but not pretty. It will mean one of us without a side table or reading light.

I must be off to work again. Tea is about done.


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  1. Liam is 5 in July and I still have the baby monitor on ! We actually have an en-suite bathroom but I prefer to walk down the hall so that I can check on Liam on the way back. I don’t think we will every change.
    Good luck with the camping, you are most brave 🙂

  2. i think Honeybear may surprise you and really enjoy the camping experience – just pack lots of warm clothes and blankets! And maybe a tot or two of OBS 🙂

    I would also like Zoe to sleep in our room but Hubby doesn’t want to hear about that. Ohh well I suppose it is better for her to sleep on her own.

    Enjoy the me time on Sunday. We are running so nothing else.

  3. Good luck with the winter camping, I enjoy camping but I am too much of a pansy when it comes to the cold. When I was 17 my dad took us camping in Pilansberg for 2 weeks in the dead of winter, omw it was terrible, I wore two pairs of socks, 2 layers of pants, 3 shirts and a jersey and jacket and I still froze – but I grew up in Durban so maybe that is my problem 😉 Enjoy it, it makes for such wonderful family time! xx

  4. I’m also anxious when it comes to Jamie during the night… check up on him every single time I get up and that’s quite a lot with preggy bladder! He still comes to sleep with us most nights at some stage, and I love it, but then there’s also the nights he sleeps through in his own bed like last night, and then I do miss him!

    Eeeek @ camping… but I’m not a happy camper as it is. But think it will be a nice get away, so enjoy!

    Have a good Mother’s Day!

  5. Good luck with the camping 🙂

    I also still keep the monitor on for the girls room (even though its right next to ours) … and Mister sleeps in our bed! 🙂 Whatever works and as long as everyone is ok with it, I don’t see an issue 🙂

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