Back again


The last week was amazing. I had such a lovely time with my family. Even though Honeybear is fairly anti-social with other adults, he also had a lovely time. Sun, sand and family was just what we all needed. Hubby and I had some quality time together (even if we could not manage to go out without Honeybear).

I must say this break with my family makes me miss them all the more, now that we are back in Pretoria. I have my life here but I do wish I could have my family closer.

Work is a bit busy because we missed the whole of last week, and yesterday was voting day.

I am back to planning the next holiday (the in laws). That one is going to be a trial, and expensive, but we all have to do what we have to do to keep the peace. I really do not want to make an effort. Somedays I think why should we have to fork out for them to come visit with us when they have never once made an effort or shown any interest. I know MIL is going to come and interfere with the way in which we do things, like she always does. As far as I am concerned, you have offered no parenting advice to me, except to be a doom prophet, so just stay out of it now. Hubby cannot be bothered to have them over but I guess they are family and they are not evil people, maybe just a bit disinterested. The world does not revolve around my family so I guess I should be more accommodating.

Hubby has received a huge increase, huge! I was surprised and so was he. I guess his boss man realised exactly how important he is (though I am fairly sure that he is still going to be a pain). At least Hubby feels like he is getting something for all the time he has to put in, and all the time he spends away from us (not that I am saying money is more important, but at least it allows us to make plans). Since we have the extra money, we have decided it is time we indulge my outdoor love and hubby’s fishing love a little more. Hubby says camping. We have the gear now, but I am not sure winter is the time to start the camping thing. I love the outdoors, but not huge on camping because of the shared bathroom facilities.

I am feeling a little out of sorts the last two days. It may just be that I am missing Durban or there is something wrong. I do not feel bad enough that I need a doctor, but I do feel bad enough that I need to lie down (as you now, this is not an option with a child around). We stood in that line to vote yesterday and I was so tired. I think we were at the old people’s voting station. We just stood outside while all the old people just walked to the front of the line. There were loads of old people. After the old people were the people with kids. Really? I know exactly how difficult it is to stand in a line for that long with a child, but really, does this allow you special dispensation over people who did not bring their kids or planned better? We stood in the line with Honeybear and we has snacks and juice and it was a school, so hubby took him to play in the field for a bit while I stood in the line. Some of those old people were not that old and were just taking advantage.

Back to work for me .


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  1. Aargh -I hear you about the in laws but hey what can we do. My MIL will not fly to us even if we offer to pay her plane ticket, we have to fly to her so it is 3 times the cost!

    Those shared bathroom facilities are a big problem for me but I do think camping is good for the kids.- we are planning to go to Mabilingwe next weekend – hopefully the weather will hold.

    Congrats on that increase! That is wonderful!

    Have you tried the Vitamin B injections yet? The moment I feel flat or depressed or just incredibly tired I go for one of those and it is almost like an instant pick me up and it is relatively cheap as well.

  2. Glad to hear you had a nice break! Eeeek good luck with the in-law trip though… sounds hectic!
    So glad to hear about your hubby’s increase, that’s wonderful that he is being recognized for his hard work.
    I really hope you’re not going to get sick now… up your vitamins and get some me-time!
    I hear you on the que’s at the elections. I stood in line 37 weeks pregnant with a busy 3-year old, because it just did not feel fair to cut the line.

  3. Blegh, in-laws. Mine aren’t that bad, so I shouldn’t complain
    Me? Camping? Never, love my comforts too much.
    Yay on the increase, that huge one. Good news

  4. Sorry about the in-laws … familes can be so complicated and frustrating …
    Glad you enjoyed your trip 🙂

    We camped as kids and I remember loving it … now I keep thinking about the bathroom story and cringe a little. But I think at some point in the future we will go … for the kids 🙂

    Yay on hubby getting a fab increase!!!

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