Reconnect weekend


Tuesday and back to work for a short week. I am counting the days until I see my family on Saturday. It is going to be so much fun!

 The weekend was good. Honeybear and I had a good break together (Hubby had to work Saturday onwards). I got in a bit of sewing and altered some shirts that have been sitting around my sewing basket looking at me woefully.

 Friday we went to a birthday party. Honeybear had loads of fun, running around and jumping all over the place. There were so many kids, but he did not play with anyone. In fact, no one played with anyone. The kids all ran a round on their own. It makes me wonder if it is worth inviting so many kids at this age (2). We restrict Honeybear’s occasions to max. 5 kids. I do not see the point in having more, because they do not play with each other and more than that is too many to keep track of.

 We finally dried out our salt dough and Honeybear and I had fun painting the shapes. The salt dough actually allows for quite a few activities. We have threaded them and now to put them up.

 Honeybear is more dexterous than I thought. Doing these little afternoon activities with him has allowed me to see that I under estimate my child. He can do and understand far more than I think. These little activities have been a learning experience for me too. It also allows me to get out some of the creativity I feel has been stunted by not having the opportunity to do things anymore. I hope I can share my love of making things with Honeybear too.

 He has been sleeping in our bed for a few weeks. He was sick and then it was cold and it was easier not to fight with him. Yesterday I suggested he sleep in his own bed and he just asked for a story and slept in his own bed without protest. He did end up in our bed halfway through the night, but he had a high fever and I feel better if he sleeps with us when he is ill. I just hope my little darling is feeling better before we leave for my parents’ house.

 Sunday and Monday was sewing day and Honeybear and I just chilled out watching movies and playing on the floor.

 He is less likely to have tantrums when I give him my full attention. It was a good four days re-connecting with my little one. It was dedicated time to get to know each other again and to love each other. I love the little hugs and spontaneous kisses he gives me. It makes all the tantrums worth it.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend of one on one time with your little guy, although sorry to hear that he has a fever, hopefully whatever is causing that will go away quickly without any fuss.

    If I remember correctly children at around age 2 tend to play side by side, rather than directly interact with each other, this will start to change soon though! It is very sweet when they start to make friends.

    Enjoy your upcoming weekend with your family! Nothing like a bit of family time to lift anyone’s spirits.


  2. Glad you had a great weekend 🙂

    Hope HB feels better really soon … this time of year is always rough on the kids

    Rox got it right … kids up to the age of 2 or 3 don’t really play with other kids, just near them. Only later do they start to interact properly.

    The long weekend really was good quality time with the kids 🙂 Have a great short week 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend with Honeybear! Hope he is feeling better by now?
    Jamie only recently started playing with other children, just before he turned 3… otherwise they just play alongside each other and don’t take much notice it seems.

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