Have we all forgotten? Will we forget?


That silly taxi strike…wakes me up while we were trying to have a lie in this morning. I know it is not pleasant for the people trying to get to work or the people being stoned, but it also woke me up.
Hubby’s responsible staff called at 05h30 to tell him about the strike. We normally would be up already, but today Hubby is training in Pretoria, so we all thought to have a cuddle in bed. It was not to be. I hear on the news now, things are calming down there…it puts me in  mind of my current reading….
I have been reading some Bryce Courtney and it brought home to me how horrible the past of this country was. I am not hugely political and I try to not blog these things, but I realised, while reading, that people went through really bad stuff. I was young when apartheid came to an end, so I cannot say I have first-hand experience. For me, apartheid, was an almost academic experience (I know I will get flack for saying this)
Reading about it from the point of view of someone who lived it….it brings home to me the terrible past and how far we have come as a country. I am not excusing the corruption that goes on but in light of the worse things that happened, it is not so bad? The book reminds me that the ANC was a hope to the people back then…..it is shame that they are now viewed as the fat cats who do not care. How does a cause get forgotten so quickly? The ANC…all the political parties….surely they have not forgotten where we all came from….where we all wanted to go?
I remember I had, and still have, a huge fascination with Hitler’s Holocaust. I did not realise how much of an affect WW2 had on South Africa. When we studied this at school, WW2 was taught as something that happened in Europe. It was Hitler. Or maybe I was just a bad student and did not remember much more. In South Africa there were the people who identified with Hitler, they also believed in his cause. They tried to emulate him and he was the one that was going the right the world.
Reading a little bit of fiction, has really made me want to know more and to understand what all these people were thinking. I wonder if one day people will look back at us and wonder what we were doing? Could we not see what was going on and why did we not stop it.


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  1. I absolutely love Bryce Courtenay – what an amazing writer. I assume you are busy reading either White Thorn or Power of One or Thandi? I agree with you that things were really really bad BUT I also think that Bryce Courtenay lost touch with South Africa, when he immiagrated to Australia in 1958. Yes the affiliation with Hitler in WWII is hair raising stuff if you ask me.

    Have you read his books about WWII but the one about the war in the Pacific – the war was most definitely not just in Europe. Four fires – where the dad described the death marches was one of the most amazing piece of writing I’ve ever encountered.

    And how sad that most of very people that voted for the ANC are still living under the breadline.

    I often ask my mom if they didn’t realise that apartheid was wrong and she said they were so brainwashed to just vote NP, very much as people are now brainwashed to vote ANC.

    What a sad situation in a beautiful country.

    Oops sorry – turning this into a blog.

    • I read Power of One and just finished Tandia. I did not read any of his other stuff yet. It seems he was a prolific writer and advertiser.
      If you like this kind of book try Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness account. I will try to get hold of the books you refer to.
      I think sometimes we cannot see the forest for the trees.

  2. While I understand the need to protest, the lawlessness and misbehaviour that goes on at the time drives me crazy! Sorry your lie in was interrupted!

  3. I must admit I am not a big fan of historical fiction or even non-fiction (not a very cultured reader :-)) … more a sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/urban fantasy reader. Hubby is history buff though … loves reading non-fiction …
    I think if we were very young then yes we would probably not realise how bad things were. I do think that it’s important not to forget though … so that we don’t make the same mistakes again. Having said that I am extremely disappointed in our current leadership and how quickly they seem to have forgotten what it was they were fighting for.
    The only power we have is the power of our vote …

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