Tantrums and kidnapping


We had a decent weekend. Honeybear and I enjoyed a breakfast at Spur on Saturday morning. We had fun at Spur and then not so much fun getting him out of Spur. It was a horrible tantrum and I just put my head, down, made no eye contact with anyone (we were attracting large amounts of attention, because Honeybear’s screams were echoing through the mall) I also think some people might have thought I was kidnapping him, I saw one Dad almost approach me, but I quickly walked away. Honeybear looks like me, but because Hubby and I are different races, I would assume some people might not think I am his mother unless they look closer.

I was tired after the tantrum, emotionally and after a quick call to my Mom, Honeybear and I went off to nap. He slept four hours, which gave me a nice break to nap and read and have lunch in peace.

The afternoon we spent on playing on the floor and some TV for him.

Sunday morning was an early day again and we did some salt dough creations. It is not very inspired, but the two of us had so much fun. I am hoping they turn out well, because we plan on painting them next weekend.

It seems better if we have some planned activity, hence my new page.

Hubby has been working hard all weekend and again next weekend. Then we are off for our holidays with my parents for some sun and sand.


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  1. Oh dear, yes, I think all parents go thru those kind of tantrums. Hate it when that happens, coz then it takes all the fun that was had out of the experience and just leaves a sour taste! 😦
    Fun @ salt dough creations, we also do that every Christmas.
    Nice that you can look forward to a getaway of sun and sand, yay!

    • I know Jess, I was so upset after the whole thing I just wanted to go crawl up in the corner without Honeybear.
      The salt dough is so much fun, I was not really expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.

  2. Oh the sun and sand does sound like a wonderful thing to have to look forward to …

    Weekend naps are the best! 🙂 My kids always seem to sleep longer if either hubby or I are sleeping with them!

    Sorry about the tantrums … it really does ruin what was a fun day prior to that! He will outgrow it … I don’t get tantrums with the girls anymore thankfully … I get pleading and sulking now …

    • At least I know the tantrums will stop sometime….like we will eventually get to sleeping through the night.
      You feel like you have received a huge gift when you get in an afternoon nap too.

  3. Urgh don’t you just love those tantrums… and it just gets worse… throttling threes after terrible twos, and then I hear there is f&%^’ing fours too… And probably when Jamie’s tantrums is going to stop, it’s going to be just on time for Baby May’s to start. *runs away*

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