Fitness and looking forward


I was sitting with Honeybear the other afternoon and I was trying to teach him colours. He has no concept of colour and had a good giggle about the whole exercise. He would come to me and whip out a circle and say something and giggle at me. I think he was imitating the way in which I was flashing them at him. He does know the shape, so that is something at least.

We beat ourselves up about our kids…my sad baby…his bestie was not at school. I did not think they could make such firm friends at so young an age, obviously they can. These two little boys have been sleeping next to each other at day care since they were 3 months old. I guess 2 years is long enough to build a relationship, even at 2,5 years old. Children amaze me!

I was thinking about joining a gym and went once and then I remembered I am no good with the gym. I do not like the atmosphere and the conveyor belt way things are done. Or maybe it is just an excuse for me to be lazy?

I used to love to run…and then my knees start to protest…I must be doing something wrong?

I have been thinking of what I can do for me. I am no fitness type, but I do feel the need to keep fit at least. I have been thinking and thinking, and about where to fit this into my day…..early morning!

The plan is to do this first thing in the morning. I plan on doing a very brisk walk. Apparently walking is supposed to be as good as running (someone should tell the runners?). I guess walking could work for me, as there will be less abuse on my knees? Walking, however, just does not seem proper, like running. I felt great when I ran. Walking seems blegh. However, I am older and I need to do something and to do something just for me. Even if it is only 30 minutes for now. It will be just me and I can have time to get my thoughts in order, instead of lying in bed staring up at the ceiling at 2 in the morning.

I am not too worried about having to wake early, because I wake early anyway and lie there waiting for the alarm (I know, it makes no sense).

I just noticed it is 2 weeks until holiday time. I can hardly wait. To feel my Mom hug me and kiss me and my Dad telling me to eat more.   I sleep in my old room at home and I can eat my Mom’s cooking. I can see my sisters and my nephews. I am so looking forward to time with my family again. It will also be our 6th wedding anniversary .

It has been a rough few weeks marriage-wise for us, but all is not lost. We still love each other and that counts for quite a bit.


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  1. If you knees get sore when you run, you need to look at your shoes. Remember the pepper spray when you go out to run or walk.

    Why don’t you start with walking and work up to a little bit of running?

    • I thought it was shoes and I have tried three different types. The last time I had them properly fitted in the store. I just use them to walk now. I also thought I must be running wrong.
      However, I am definitely going to start off walking and see how far I get.
      I live inside a security estate and so far there have been no incidents inside, I never go outside the boom. I just run around inside and go around and around the cricket field. However, the pepper spray is a good idea, no need to take chances.

  2. Me? Run? Oh you’re so funny. I also hate the whole gym thing, but I really enjoyed going to Curves. Ladies only and there wasn’t any competitive stuff going on. The machines work with your own body weight, and there weren’t any treadmill. I really felt great and wish I could carry on, but it’s like R300 a month and then I prefer to spend my time with Liam.
    About the colours, repeat, repeat. HB is taking it in and he’ll surprise you. Sometimes I think L isn’t listening to me but then a few days later he repeats what I’ve told him. The other day I was telling him about asteroids and the dinosaurs and then a few days later he told Oupa the story of why the dinosaurs died.
    Love to HB

    • I did the Curves thing and it did not work for me. Now it is 359 a month and 559 if you do not sign a contract. Maybe the ladies in my area are different. I was really intimidated. You fee like you must race to the next station.
      I will persevere with the colours…what did you say about dinosaurs?
      Pssst….when are you going to post again?

  3. Also hate gym … started running (only once a week mind you and only 5kms) and exercising at home twice a week … I’m not going to win any awards or races any time soon, but it’s working VERY slowly for me 🙂

    I had similar trouble when I started running … with my foot and leg. Went to a podiatrist who specializes in sports stuff and he video-ed me running … watched me walk … did a whole and very thorough examination … and the problem was … my shoes (as runnermum says). So he recommended a specific shoe for me based on the way my feet roll when I run, and once my old injury healed up and I started running with the recommended shoe, I have had no problems at all. The doc did say that my problem would have eventually affected my knees as well because of my body compensating. Maybe you should go to someone like that? Then you can run again 🙂

  4. Honeybear takes in a lot more than what you think, little ones are truly amazing!!

    I also cannot do the gym thing, those sticky handles, disgusting sweaty air and noise is just not for me. We bought a Xbox Kinect last year and I have been “training” ever since with the Nike Fit program/game, it’s like having your own personal trainer in your living room, I love it, and I can hop, sweat and bounce around looking silly and I don’t feel self concious about it 😉

    I am only doing the training thing on weekends now, weekdays are spent travelling to work, travelling home and just blegh…I thought of getting up earlier in the morning, but that would have to be at like 3 in the morning, which is a no no 😉 Getting up at 4 is enough waking up early for one week….

    I kind of like this new blogging platform, tracing up all the old bloggers and its much easier!!

  5. Gymming is certainly not for everyone, but I have a free membership so long as I go enough times in a year, and so I keep going. However I prefer video workouts at home, a very very good one is Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred which you can get on Kalahari for a reasonable price, it is made up of 3x 20 minute workouts (perfect for us busy moms) and you do 1 per day (depending on which level you are on) for 30 days, it works very well. When I first did it I didn’t have weights so I used tinned food from our cupboards lol, but I eventually got some hand weights at Mr Price Sports. I also enjoy our local park run, which is a weekly 5km run every Saturday for FREE. The groups are very big so you are safe, check out


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